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Introduction to Private Equity

A Broad Definition Private Equity has been around a long time and is broadly considered as any privately held interest...
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Main Hedge Fund Strategies & Their Definitions

Hedge Funds Universe Hedge Funds have a myriad of different types of strategies and it should be well defined and...
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Hedge Fund Investing: Still on the Upswing

It was big news on Wall Street when the California Public Employees' Retirement System announced just over a year ago...
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Private Equity and The J-Curve

Cash Flow profile of a Private Equity Investment The cash flow of a Private Equity investment and therefore of the...
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Role of Commodities in Portfolio Allocation

There are fundamentally 2 reasons for including Commodities within a Portfolio, diversification and return enhancement. We will have a look...
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Real Estate ; Debt Investments

Real estate investments in Debt Real Estate Debt is broadly divided into two types; Residential Mortgages and Commercial Mortgages. The...
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What makes an Investor Accredited or Sophisticated?

The definitions vary from around the globe, basically apart from institutional investors the term Accredited Investor usually refers to High...
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Red flags to be aware of in manager selection

Hedge Fund Longevity It is vital that Due Diligence is performed before investing in any fund. This helps us take...
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Hedge Fund Strategies and their importance in manager selection

Hedge Fund Portfolio Construction Portfolio construction shouldn’t be taken lightly and leads to a complex fund selection process. There are...
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How Hedge Funds help protect downside risk as well as diversify a Traditional Portfolio

Hedge funds are well known for being risky and at the same time rewarding with the emphasis being on risky....
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