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Sophisticated Investor is an online educational resource providing research-rich information to sophisticated and accredited American investors. Our editorial coverage spans a variety of economic and financial fields, including alternative investments, offshore investing, precious metals, hedge funds, ICOs, pre-IPOs, startups, and cryptocurrencies. 

Our team of financial authors and experts publish reviews and reports that cover market events and help retirement investors and self-directed investors make better informed decisions.

Meet the Sophisticated Investor Editorial Team

Mark Turner, Editor

Mark Turner is an author and editor at Sophisticated Investor. He has over two decades of experience in the financial industry as a broker in both Chicago and New York and has written for several top tier publications. He currently specializes in the topics of alternative investments, geopolitical events, US economy, and portfolio diversification.

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Liam Hunt, Content Director

Liam Hunt, M.A., is a Canadian writer and analyst specializing in international affairs and personal finance. His articles have appeared in the Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun, and Ottawa Citizen, and his commentary in Forbes, Bloomberg, and Reader’s Digest.

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Michael Panzner, Author

Michael J. Panzner is a Senior Vice President at Citibank. A multi-decade Wall Street veteran and the author of three full-length books, including Financial Armageddon, which predicted the 2008 global financial crisis, Michael enjoys covering current news and geo-political events that affect American investors and retirement savers.

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Wesley Crowder, Author

Wesley “W.D.” Crowder is an American published author. His background and areas of expertise include history, economics, retirement saving, finance, expatriate living, international relations, investments, and personal finance. A top of his class graduate of Stetson University, he obtained his bachelor of arts degree in History with minors in Latin American Studies and International Relations and a special emphasis in Economics. He was President of his Phi Alpha Theta (National History Honors Fraternity) Stetson University chapter and a Phi Beta Kappa (National Honors Fraternity) member.

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Renee Ann Brieten, Author

Renee Ann Breiten is a freelance finance writer and former management consultant with over 15 years of experience in business management and strategy. She earned an MBA in financial management from Exeter in 2007 and has enjoyed a variety of international business experiences, working primarily in England and Australia. Breiten’s work is centered on technology, consumer trends, and investing strategies. Her writing has appeared on TheStreet, Marketwatch, Insider Monkey, Seeking Alpha and Motley Fool.

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Devlyn Steele, Author

Devlyn Steele is director of education, the on-staff economic analyst at Augusta Precious Metals, and a member of the Harvard Business School’s business analytics program. Over three decades, he has processed more than $2 billion in financial assets and now uses his experience to guide American retirement savers to diversify, hedge against inflation, and protect their retirement savings through gold IRAs.

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Sarah Bauder, Author

Sarah Bauder is a financial writer with over 10 years of experience at numerous online publications, writing about alternative investments, retirement saving and investing, American politics, the global economy, and more.

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Mustafa Khan, Author

Mustafa Khan (CA, CIA) is an accounting professional with over 10 years of experience in financial auditing, compliance, and advisory roles. At present, Mustafa serves as a tax associate and a finance writer for a variety of media outlets.

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Adam Hamadiya, Author

Adam Hamadiya is a financial writer who comes from a family of successful entrepreneurs. Witnessing success off the beaten path has made Adam especially interested in personal finance and behavioral finance, subjects that he writes about widely in online publications.

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Nick Saraev, Author

Nick Saraev is a technology writer interested in macroeconomics and entrepreneurship. His writing and commentary have been featured in notable publications like Popular Mechanics, Apple News, and more.

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