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On this page you will find reviews of alternative financial products and services, conducted by our team on a regular basis. All Sophisticated Investor reviews are updated regularly to ensure accuracy so we can bring you the best reviews possible.


Top Companies for Your Offshore Gold Investment

If internationalizing and offshoring your gold investment is on your mind, this section will help you understand the different options you have when it comes to buying and storing your physical gold. Gold Internationalization is about safety, anonymity, and minimizing your confiscation risk. Smart investors are increasingly using this strategy as a hedge against uncertainty in the market and geopolitical landscapes. This section has reviews of different offshore gold companies and jurisdictions.

Top 5 Crypto IRA Company Reviews

Investing a portion of your investment capital in the major digital assets allows for you to enjoy a greater diversification and opportunity for significant investment value appreciation over time. Here we look at the prospects for especially Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as the top five companies handling the new Digital Asset IRA’s so that you can consider getting involved in this high potential, high risk asset class.

Precious Metal IRA Reviews

Investing in gold and silver through a self-directed IRA is another great and easy way to allocate a portion of your savings to precious metals. The IRS allows certain bullion coins and bars to be part of your IRA under certain conditions. We have reviewed the top companies in the industry. Some of them even allow offshore storage if that is something you’re interested in. We highly recommend you do your due diligence and contact a few companies before making an investment decision. Also, speak to your financial advisor to see if a Gold IRA is right for you.

Online Stock Trading Software Reviews

This section is in the works and will be available soon. Please check back shortly for this new review of online stock trading software.

Top 6 Investment Newsletters

What do many successful stock traders have in common? They subscribe to and closely follow a highly regarded investment newsletter that gets its subscribers results. This post looks at the top 5 investment newsletters in 2018 and 2019 to help you navigate through the many newsletter choices.

Top Annuity Companies + Reviews

We’ve taken the liberty of reviewing the top nine annuities providers in America. We rated them based on a variety of factors, and because the way one annuities provider promotes themselves can be vastly different from another, we had to cater each of our reviews to account for those differences.

Top Self Directed IRA Companies

Looking at opening a self-directed IRA commonly known as a SDIRA?.We have reviewed the top companies in this space to help you make an informed decision. A self-directed IRA puts you in total control of your retirement, but doing business with the right company is paramount to ensure your account is properly handled.


Top Gold 401(k) Companies

Those interested in a opening a gold 401(k), look no further than these fine companies. For your convenience, we’ve ranked each company according to the best for price, selection, buyback, speed of service, minimum investment required, vaulting option, and many more factors. Whether you want to roll over your IRA or want to fund a gold 401(k) from scratch, these companies have got you covered.