Jason Bond Picks Review



  • Bond includes a bundle of training videos and other educational materials with the service
  • Jason Bond Picks is widely featured on respected media outlets
  • Bond shares all of his trades and his portfolio with members


  • The service does not offer a refund cancellation for any reason

Jason Bond Picks is a standout in the world of trading guidance and predictions. The legendary guru’s service has turned subscribing traders into millionaires under his Millionaire Roadmap Challenge on several occasions. His program keeps things simple, with a three step process to help subscribers capture winning trades. Members watch several of his core educational trading videos, review the daily watch list, and wait for real time trading alerts to follow his up to 10 easy to understand trades every week. In this review, we look at what Jason Bond Picks has to offer you so that you can take your stock trading to the next level.


Jason Bond is the man behind his self-named trading service. Bond is a legend in the world of stock trading and American entrepreneurs. His blogs and commentaries are widely carried by a host of other blogs and sites. Jason found a mentor early on in his trading career in Jeff Bishop, and Bond gradually honed his trading methods to become a master trader himself. He began the service with a single newsletter and morphed this into a trading business that focused on swing trading, day trading, and short selling.

Several years ago, Bond made the decision to go back to focusing on only a single trading product that includes all of his ideas in one service. These focus on small cap swing trades. Jason Bond began his service with the goal of training and mentoring new investors.He wanted them to reach the point of handling their own trading and generating their own stock trading ideas. As his Millionaire Roadmap challenge demonstrates, he has been successful in this goal.


In short: it is NOT a scam. Jason Bond Picks is a highly respected trading service that offers a significant amount of benefits to its members. Even though it does not offer a refund policy, it is regarded as a gold standard in the industry. It would be difficult to find a better admired educational and stock picking service on Wall Street than Jason Bond Picks. A proven Wall Street trader, Bond and his service have been featured on all of the following respected national media outlets:


Jason Bond Picks has undergone various changes in what it offers over the years. Current subscribers receive all of the following benefits for their annual membership to the program:

  • Trading Strategy Educational Course – Jason himself takes you through his methods of trading. This resource includes lifetime access to his respected training education
  • Bundle of Training Videos – A package of videos that Bond once sold for $4,996, this includes Penny Stocks 101, The Basics of Swing Trading, Stock Options Explained, and The House Always Wins
  • Daily Trading Watchlist – This trading strategy of Jason’s that he gives out every day shows you the trades he is considering
  • Live Portfolio – Gives you access to Bond’s real-time live portfolio on your screen so that you are able to see how each trade impacts the entire portfolio
  • Real Time Trading Alerts – All of Bond’s buying and selling action is sent to you by SMS alert as the trades actually happen
  • Jason’s Tools for Trading Access – Bond gives you the info on the trading and research tools that he uses personally. He claims that these will enable you to be a more confident and better trader
  • Investor Updates – Besides the SMS alerts, Jason shares his commentary, thoughts, and ideas on each developing trade as well as other possible trades that he is considering for the future
  • Day Trading Playbook – Jason Bond teaches you how to do day trading effectively, using his own story as an inspiring example
  • Watch Jason’s Real Trades – Bond walks you through how he executes his as many as 10 easy trades every week

These services change from time to time, so it is a good idea to check out his site to see if he has added or removed any of them before subscribing.


Apart from all of the great educational components and training that Jason Bond provides with his service, the core of his system centers on his daily watch lists, daily outlooks, and the trading calls themselves. Subscribers benefit significantly from the daily list that goes through all of the stocks he is closely watching to trade. These are the swing trade candidates that he believes will soon be making significant moves in a short time frame. We like that Bond gives you more than just the symbols and prices of the stocks he is watching. He also includes his reasoning behind each of them. These sometimes include videos going through the reasons for selecting them for the watch list.

The daily market outlooks are emails Bond sends on in the morning going through what he forecasts will happen for the day. This is a handy resource to pair with his portfolio access. In this screen, you are able to see his stock entry price, the quantities of shares that he owns or is short, any open profits or losses, and trading notes that pertain to the position.


In the past Jason Bond Picks worked on a quarterly membership fee and offered several membership tiers. He has since simplified this and condensed his previously three services (swing trading, day trading, and short selling) down to a single package that focuses on swing trading. The cost for this service is $1,497 per year. You must pay for the year in advance to become a member.

The service’s cancellation policy is frustrating to people who would like to test out the guru’s program. They have a no-refund policy that is strictly enforced. The argument they give for this is that the members immediately benefit from “time-sensitive training and education.” It is one area where rival service Capitalist Exploits has an advantage. In order to cancel Jason Bond Picks and not be billed for another year, it is key that you cancel several days before the renewal date (not on or after it has passed). Otherwise you will be billed for an additional year’s membership.


Jason Bond Picks has a consistently positive body of reviews on the service. The founder himself has been widely featured on highly respected media outlets including the NYSE, Forbes, and The Street. His service offers an impressive educational section including many videos, respected training courses, day trading playbooks, and webinars that he conducts personally. Jason Bond Picks takes pride in its commitment to customer service that can include personal email responses from Bond himself.

The best endorsement for the service comes from Jason’s members, who have continuously expressed their satisfaction in him having their best interests at the heart of the membership program.  The cost of the program is reasonable at $1,497 per year (amounting to $125 per month). A lone criticism of the program focuses on its lack of a cancellation refund policy, but this has become increasingly commonplace in this industry. All in all, Jason Bond Picks is a highly respected service where the founder encourages his members to learn enough to trade successfully on their own.