Capitalist Exploits Review



  • The newsletter with over 20,000 subscribers is offered at no charge
  • Subscribing members are able to interact directly with Chris MacIntosh
  • The service offers a full 30 day unconditional refund


  • All subscriptions the service offers are paid for a year in advance

Capitalist Exploits bills itself as “an investing service built for this moment in history.” Their investment credo is based on the geopolitical and economic reality of the last decade. The company believes that the past unwinding of the global central banking monetary stimulus has created distortion in markets that is leading to the enormous market corrections and price swings seen today.

The service arose as a result of a their popular insiders newsletter that professional money managers, hedge funds, and major market players read. It concentrates its investment efforts on asymmetric risk to reward opportunities. The company is always looking for the chance to earn high rewards using controlled and low risk strategies. Their main proprietary investment service is called Insider. It claims to be the one subscription that provides such asymmetrical trading calls from markets around the world.


The force and guru underlying Capitalist Exploits newsletter and their Insider service is Chris MacIntosh. This professional investor is one who boasts of not only making millions in the markets, but having lost them along the way only to make them back again. The company he founded is headquartered in Singapore, though MacIntosh is originally from South Africa. He spent his early years trading in investment banking in London and New York. Around sixteen years ago he chose to strike out on his own in order to trade his personal capital in the markets.

Since then, MacIntosh has traded across nations and markets that he claims the majority of investors are not aware of as he honed his own trading abilities. We like that Chris is an appealing guru who does not seem as arrogant as many of his competitors. This allows MacIntosh to share the benefit of his own failures that he suffered along the way with the hope that you will not have to experience them personally.


In short: it is NOT a scam. Capitalist Exploits has major players in the industry involved in the service and subscription base. The service reviews from consumer ratings agency TrustPilot reveal that MacIntosh has a top rated service. TrustPilot offers more than 50 reviews that give the company an excellent overall rating. This is a significant result from a service whose clientele counts over 450 professional hedge fund and fund managers as well as accredited investors.


The service Capitalist Exploits turns out to be three separate projects. It provides its highly regarded newsletter at no cost to anyone who signs up. The principal project of the company is their Insider Trading service that is subscription based. Chris and his firm also have their Resource Insider, which is only offered to accredited investors. Next we will consider each of these endeavors.


Over 20,000 money managers, hedge fund managers, analysts, and private investors receive the Capitalist Exploits newsletter. This provides subscribers with routine analysts of various asymmetric opportunities available in today’s markets. Chris MacIntosh’s company is also happy to educate visitors who are not paying subscribers to the Insider service. We like that their site is also geared to helping teach and inform investors. It offers various articles and podcasts that you can consider before you make a commitment to their subscription-based services.


The flagship product that the company is offering is their Insider by Capitalist Exploits. It has over 450 paying members, many of which are major players in the industry. The service provides the following features:

  • Newsletter – This is an expanded version of the Capitalist Exploits newsletter. The weekly publication showcases opportunities that the service is considering with additional information for the service’s members
  • Trade Alerts – Insider offers members both text and email alerts on trade recommendations and the specifics for executing them
  • Current Portfolio – Provides a listing of all alerts that are buys. It also gives the exit points
  • Live Q&A – In a webinar styled format, members are able to pose questions directly to Chris and his team
  • Video Database – This resource delivers over 300 individual videos of investing questions answered
  • Other Educational Resources – The service provides a range of helpful reports and also how-to styled guides on important topics covering everything from options to short trades to cryptocurrencies
  • Investor Forum – The chat room for Insider brings more than 450 subscribing members together
  • Guru Access – The service includes customer service options that enable you to reach Chris and the other team members


The newest trading service that Capitalist Exploits provides is called Resource Insider. This service is geared specifically to accredited investors with minimally a million dollars of declared net worth. The focus of Resource Insider is on private placement deals. This service started out recommending uranium and gold deals. It also equally considers all kinds of asymmetric commodities. Members who subscribe to this service receive the following benefits:

  • Insider Ideas – The service is generous with technical and fundamental financial research, exclusive content, bonus stock picks, and site visit reports for its members
  • Access to Private Placement Deals – The goal of Resource Insider is to offer minimally 10 private placement offers each year. To make sure enough spaces in the deals are available to all members who want to take part, they have limited the numbers of clients who can belong at any time. These deals require minimum investments from $2,000 to $10,000
  • Opportunities for Networking – All members are accredited investors on the hunt for good investing opportunities. This allows you to expand your network of like-minded accredited investors as you take part
  • Guru Access – Resource Insider gives its subscribers the ability to reach the service gurus including both Chris MacIntosh and Jamie Keech.

You must apply to join this service and demonstrate an accredited investor status to be accepted. The annual fee for Resource Insider is $3,499 payable for the year in advance. The limited availability of slots and exclusivity of deals helps to explain the substantially higher cost of Resource Insider over Capitalist Exploits’ Insiders service.


You can subscribe at no cost to the highly regarded Capitalist Exploits newsletter by providing the company with your email address. The company’s main trading subscription program Insider by Capitalist Exploits is available for $1,575 annually. You must pay the full year price in advance when you join.

We like that Capitalist Exploits is confident in their program. Many of their competitors today do not offer any cancellation window if you are not fully satisfied with the service. Capitalist Exploits sets itself apart by providing a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee to any new subscriber. In an age when such cancellation and refund policies are hard to find, this is a great vote of confidence in Capitalist Exploit’s Insider investment service.


Capitalist Exploits is almost unique in its focus on courting industry insiders and accredited investors. This makes it a more sophisticated investment service than the vast majority of its competitors around today. The 30 day refund policy means that you can try out what Chris MacIntosh and company are recommending with confidence and peace of mind.