Last Updated: February 9, 2023

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Noble Gold Investments, and its crypto IRA subsidiary called Noble Bitcoin, are now household names when it comes to Gold IRA and Bitcoin IRA investments. A stellar track record in the past few years has helped the company gain a strong reputation in the space and join the likes of Advantage Gold and BitcoinIRA in the top tier of alternative investment companies. In the US alone, there are hundreds of companies offering these alternative IRA investments, so it’s a hyper-competitive space to say the least. As a consumer, you must do your due diligence and carefully review each company before making an investment decision.

We have therefore invited Noble Gold’s founders, namely Charles Thorngren and Collin Plume, for an interview in order to learn more about the company, its mission and where it’s heading. Enjoy!

What is Noble’s mission and what makes it different from competitors?

We see our primary mission as educating people about precious metals – gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Taking away people’s worry and uncertainty is our main concern. Many of our clients have never been involved in precious metals before and there is a lot to take in and mull over before they can make a decision.

We understand their concerns and go out of our way to help people to become comfortable with the idea of tangible value and real money. It comes as a shock to a lot of people to discover that their dollars are not what they thought they were. It turns their traditional thinking on its head – and that leads to a few interesting conversations along the way!

Where do you see Noble in 10 years?

We are in this for the long haul. Our aim is to find good people and look after them and their families. This is our most important consideration – we want our customers to recommend us and to be happy with our service. We want them to have a peaceful, stress free retirement so they can enjoy it.

We have already helped out hundreds of families who would have been stuck with this recent downturn in stock values had we not stepped in and showed them that there was an alternative to the stock market and the traditional ways of saving money in banks and thrifts.

What are Noble Gold Investments’ most popular products?

Without a doubt – our gold and silver IRAs and 401(k) products are those which most people are interested in.

We have also been promoting our crypto IRAs and 401(k) investments over the last couple of years. That has saved lots of people a lot of tax.

I think it is the tax element that surprises people the most. The amount of money they are throwing away – for the sake of an application form which takes five minutes to fill out – and a transfer of money they were not making anything out of anyway.

Why should investors and retirement account holders consider precious metals and cryptocurrencies in their portfolio?

In a word – diversification.

There are too many things in the modern world which can go wrong with your finances.

It doesn’t even have to be a problem here in the US.

Because the economy is now global, something which happens in China or Russia or the Middle East can have a major effect worldwide very quickly.

Keeping all your assets in the same basket makes very little sense these days. You need exposure to different classes so that when one is in retreat the others will be advancing and covering your exposure. It’s simply a question of preparation.

None of us knows what will happen in the future. The thing about precious metals and crypto’s is that if this scenario you’re planning for doesn’t happen – and you need your money back – you just cash it in again.

How should investors decide what percent of their portfolio should be allocated to precious metals and digital currencies?

We can’t really advise on this for legal reasons – we are not financial advisers.

Common sense dictates that you should spread your assets out over a range of financial instruments, depending on your circumstances.

After you have taken care of your “rainy day money” you should invest over the short-term, medium-term, and long-term – you should allocate your savings and investments in a way in which you feel comfortable.

Some people are extremely risk-averse – in which case they probably wouldn’t be looking at cryptocurrencies which are highly volatile and relatively untested – they would be better off with gold and silver.

Other people love to take “a gamble” and have the resources to possibly lose that money – so cryptocurrencies could be seen as a way to make huge returns in a tax-friendly environment for them.

There are over 1,000 cryptocurrencies, which ones should IRA investors consider investing in and why?

We use just five – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple – at the moment.

When we started to deal with the crypto IRAs we researched exhaustively to find those with the most favorable returns, versus their risks and history, and the way in which the exchanges dealt with them. We cannot guarantee any returns but we have limited our cryptocurrencies in IRA’s to the most tradeable of the coins.

It is all too easy to buy into some obscure coin – make a fortune – and then find that you cannot sell it or realise those gains without extreme penalty – if at all.

It would be a nightmare for anyone to do this in a retirement plan and then find that the returns they made were unobtainable. This is why we were beyond careful when we were selecting the coins we would use.

Where do you see the prices of Gold and Bitcoin going in the next 10 years?

That is the $64 million question isn’t it? Precious metals have been undervalued for so long that we feel there has to be a rebalancing of the scales soon – certainly within these next 10-years.

Talk, at the moment, is of a new financial depression which will dwarf that of the 1930s. If and when this comes to pass, it would be inconceivable that gold and silver would not advance considerably. This is because they are real money – and inflation-proofed against Fiat currencies.

This “store of value concept” has held for gold and silver for over 5,000 years. The Greek, Roman and Egyptian empires stand as a testament to the way in which precious metals are so resilient to the effects of economic shocks.

Central banks have, throughout the world, put their populations into financial peril through their reckless use of Fiat currency and inflationary monetary policies.

The collapse of these schemes is now inevitable, as the debts – and the interest payments on those debts – have become unsustainable – even for the most powerful and richest of nations.

Mark Turner

Mark Turner is an author and editor at Sophisticated Investor. He has over two decades of experience in the financial industry as a broker in both Chicago and New York and has written for several top tier publications. He currently covers the topics of alternative investments, geopolitical events, US economy, portfolio diversification and others.