Biotech Breakouts Review



  • Biotech Breakouts' Sniper Report offers fantastic value for money
  • Four different programs provide greater choice of membership than rival companies
  • The Nucleus service offers personal mentoring
  • The video educational component is a plus


  • Chat level of customer service is only available to Nucleus members
  • No refunds allowed with cancellation

Biotech Breakouts is a stock prediction service that concentrates its efforts on the next generation in medicine. These biotech companies are a lucrative sector if you know which ones to trade. In this review, we look at the service from Kyle Dennis that gives you the tools and the trades you need to consistently make money in this exploding sector.


Kyle Dennis is the brainchild behind Biotech Breakouts. He is also the author of Middle Class Millionaire who insists that he learned the skills and strategy the hard way, through personal experience and development. In his book, Kyle shared the story of how he turned a college degree, $80,000 in student debt, and $15,000 in savings into over a million dollars and no student debt. Since the book was published, he has increased this to $3 million in trade gains.

Kyle believes that anyone can apply the ideas that he used to attain a comparable level of success in the markets. This catalyst trading that he perfected works well for anyone from beginners to more advanced traders. He provides four different tiers of service from which members can choose. Dennis’ story has inspired literally tens of thousands of people in America and throughout the world.


In short: it is NOT a scam. Biotech Breakouts is a legitimate program that showcases actual, verified results. Besides this, they and Kyle Dennis have been hosted on a variety of well-known financial news sites. Some of the respected online outlets to feature them include these pictured below:

One caveat about the service is that it does not any longer offer a free trial period. It has been a trend in the industry to do away with generous trial and cancellation policies. While you can cancel whenever you wish, you will not be able to obtain a refund if you do so.


Biotech Breakouts is actually four different levels of service under the company’s umbrella. Kyle Dennis offers the same programs that have worked for he and his members for several years now. These include the Sniper Report, FDA Insider Alerts, Option Rocket, and his ultimate service the Nucleus. The Trustpilot reviews to the right show that these have been very well received by members. We consider each of these tiers next.


The Sniper Report Service is Kyle’s affordable program that costs only $199 for a year. The company bills this as an all new version of the original flagship program. It still centers on Dennis’ top one percent of trade ideas that go into the report. Dennis is looking for phenomenal trades that will gain from 100 to 300 percent. With this report, you receive the following information:

  • Trade Idea Research
  • Entry and Exit Price Alerts
  • Upfront Profit Points and Stop Loss Targets
  • Daily Trade Updates


The second level of service from Biotech Breakouts is FDA Insider Alerts. Kyle has a three step process he uses for these swing trade picks. They are:

  1. Identify the Catalyst Event
  2. Match Up the Catalyst Event with a Bullish Chart
  3. Perform Fundamental Research to Determine Entry and Exit Points

The goal in this service is to recommend companies that you will hold over a one to four week period. These are swing trades, not day trades. Biotech Breakouts provides these features with the program:

  • FDA Events Daily Watch List – Makes sure that you know the news that will move stocks
  • Critical Catalyst Buy and Sell Alerts – These are delivered with email and SMS text options
  • Expert Commentary – On which you can take practical action
  • Guides and Educational Library – Included to build your trading knowledge and comprehension


This is the options service that Kyle Dennis offers. He has expanded what this membership includes recently and increased the price accordingly. The subscription is suitable for members with anything from smaller to larger accounts. The membership now gives you all of the following features:

  • Selected Option Trade Alerts
  • Detailed Reports and Critical Findings
  • Portfolio Commentary and Updates
  • The IGNITE Video Library


Biotech Breakouts’ ultimate tier of service is the mentoring program led by Kyle Dennis personally. He claims that this is appropriate for individuals of various trading experience levels. In this membership tier, you get all of Kyle’ service including the Sniper Report, FDA Insider Alerts, and Option Rocket. In addition to receiving all of the membership benefits of the above services, the mentoring program also provides:

  • Chat and Email-based Mentoring Led by Kyle Dennis Personally
  • Kyle’s Trading Screen in a Live Stream Version
  • A private Chat Room for Nucleus Members Only
  • Live Daily Market Talk Commentary and Intra-day Scans


All tiers of membership include Biotech Breakout’s phone and email customer support access to Kyle and the team. Nucleus members also have the advantage of an online chat feature. The members-only sites are always available to members 24 hours per day. The only improvement to the customer support might be if there were chat access for all members and not only the Nucleus ones.


Biotech Breakouts costs vary according to the service you select. The Sniper Report program costs $199 for a year, making it a justifiable expense for any trader. The FDA Insider Alerts is billed on a quarterly basis to the credit card you provide until cancelling. It runs $399 per quarter ($1,596 per year). Option Rocket is priced at an annual $3,999 (payable in advance for the year). The Nucleus mentoring program, which also includes all of Kyle Dennis’ other services, is only available by application. Dennis has to approve you in order for you to attain this highest tier of membership and discover the price. Certainly it costs more than the third tier of service’s $3,999 price per year.

The Biotech Breakout uses an auto renewal billing system with your credit card that they keep on file. It will continuously auto re-bill you up to the point that you cancel. Cancellation of the services requires a minimum two business days advance notice before your renewal date. There is no cancellation for a refund allowed either on a full or partial money back basis with Biotech Breakouts.


Biotech Breakouts is a useful service, especially for beginners who are new to the world of catalyst trading of biotech stocks. It provides the advantage of detailed entry and exit points on each trade, along with the research that underlies and justifies every trade. At as little as $199 per year, this is the most affordable of the top reviewed stock trading services that we have come across. The service’s track record and testimonials mean that you are getting great value for your money with Kyle Dennis’ entry level service. For those who want to go deeper into the trades and learn how to do this personally (and spend thousands of dollars for the privilege), Kyle offers his impressive level of mentoring service that includes all three of his other membership programs and access to all services that he provides.