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Data vendors are useful in that they allow us to find all the data we may need in one place and usually give access to charts and statistics relevant to a specific investment universe. Here is the list of the main ones in alphabetical order, we will then take a look at what they have to offer…

Top 5 Online Hedge Fund Databases


BarclayHedge Review

bhBarclayhedge has nothing to do with the large British clearer called Barclays. It is however a comprehensive database of 1089 CTA programmes and  6469 Hedge Funds. Data includes performance and risk analyses as well as contact details. This organization has been collecting data since 1985. Access to these databases is only available with some form of subscription and is kind of pricey. The CTA database, which amongst other things can tell you which funds performed well during a broad Stock market down trend, costs $3000.00. The global hedge Fund database which has more than 5 times the number of CTAs, costs $6000.00. This site also has Hedge Funds and CTAs split into different categories by strategy or by location as well as by location of assets. It also has data on Currency Traders, which recently has begun to grab the attention of investors. A lot of the content is free, such as indices data or the New York Hedge Fund database, where you can search funds in the Tri-State area plus Massachusetts by total return or maximum drawdown amongst others. This site is one of the most complete with the largest global database of more than 32,000 Hedge Funds, CTAs and FoHFs. A full guide to its products is available here.


EurekaHedge Review

ehEurekahedge is another data vendor with a large Hedge Fund, CTA or FoHF database for data on the performance of returns and risks as well as contacts. The Global database lists 25,757 alternative funds. It is also as expensive as the Barclayhedge vendor, pricing is not as clear however, their product page shows a range of $2,000 to $15,000. The database is extensive and split into North America , Asia, Europe and other parts of the world. This site has some general information for free such as general indices, but it does not have the depth in the variety of indices that are available at other vendors such as Barclayhedge or Hedgefundresearch. To its favor it is accessible through Bloomberg if you are a user of their terminal.
An extra feature of this vendor is the due diligence product, which may seem pricey but if it’s a fraction of your investment it may be worth considering. Looking at their product description page it seems to offer all the necessary steps in the proper and thorough implementation of due diligence.

Hedge Fund Contacts Review

hfcHedgefundcontact as the name would suggest is more about contact details such as Compliance Officer or Primary Contact, with emails and phone numbers. The database also contains assets under management, 12 month change to AUM, number of clients and employees as well as the year founded. It also defines those Hedge Funds that are currently hiring. That may not seem like a lot of information but it does however have a much smaller subscription price. Split into two types Silver at $137 per month or Gold, which allows you to download data, at $377.

Hedge Fund Research Review

Hedgefundresearch which is the most complete Hedge Fund data vendor for the number of funds reporting and amount of different categories they have indices for. This vendor focuses on performance and risk measurements and has 21,500 plus funds in the data base with 7500 plus reporting performance.
Prices range from a low of $350 for a Global Hedge Fund quarterly industry report to $17,500 for a 1 year Master subscription. Indices are available for UCITS and for EUR denominated funds, for a myriad of specializations, strategies and time frames. The HFRI tab contains descriptions for 51 different indices, that range from a World Index to an Asia with Japan Index. There is also a lot of free stuff available by simply signing up, which allows you to access basic charts and general information.

HedgeIndex Review

cs_logoHedgeindex ; this site differs mainly from the others in that it is completely free and is sponsored by Credit Suisse, although registration is required to access anything more than the home page. It also has the largest database of reporting funds, over 9500. But as it is free you won’t get all the different categories of indices you might get with vendors like Barclayhedge or Hedgefundresearch, or the various performance and risk numbers. This site does give returns for 1, 3 and 5 years and things like standard deviation and correlation. Data also includes performance numbers for general broad traditional indices S&P 500 index or Credit Suisse High Yield Index. The Hedge Fund strategies are the ones most commonly used amongst institutions and incorporate all the major definitions.



Barlcayhedge, Eurekahedge and Hedgefundresearch offer extremely overlapping services and products. All three seem just as valid, so it may come down to which one already has the tailor made product already priced up and ready for you. It is also true there is a lot of information that is free, to assess the general state of the Hedge Fund universe, but solid information is never cheap especially when it’s not easy to access. The Credit Suisse site is useful in benchmarking a Hedge fund portfolio or manager, again it comes in handy in assessing the general state of Hedge Fund performance and it also has correlation numbers, which is very useful when considering diversification. The Hedgecontact site I would say is useful if you are looking for a job in the industry or are marketing you services to Hedge Funds.

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