Jim Treliving: Net Worth, Full Bio & Investor Profile

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Canadian businessman, philanthropist, and TV personality Jim Treliving, has lived many different lives. From growing up in rural Manitoba to being a Mountie with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), to owning the popular multinational restaurant chain, Boston Pizza. Treliving is an adept investor who appeared on the award-winning reality series, Dragon’s Den (Kevin O’Leary, Robert Herjavec, Michael Wekerle, and Arlene Dickinson have all appeared on the show) for 15 seasons. During his tenure in “The Den”, he invested in countless businesses, fostered the dreams of many an entrepreneur, and possesses a diverse venture capital portfolio.

Given his unprecedented success in the corporate world, we at Sophisticated Investor decided to pose the question, “How much is Jim Treliving worth?”. To find the answer, we assembled all the publicly available data, and have provided a probable range to his actual net worth.

Take note that the figures provided are approximations, and not necessarily conclusive. However, we utilized all of the publicly available assessments in order to determine the likely figure of Jim Treliving’s net worth.

Jim Treliving

Date of BirthMay 12, 1941
TitleBusinessman, philanthropist, and venture capitalist
Companies FoundedBoston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects
Best Known For15 seasons on the award-winning TV series, "Dragon's Den"
Net Worth (USD)$700 million

What Is Jim Treliving‘s Net Worth?

Based upon the research, Jim Treliving’s net worth falls within the range of $700 million. Of course, it must be noted that this figure is an approximation. In 2021, Insider Growth reported that this amount was Treliving’s net worth.

Although it’s an estimate, a large portion of  Treliving’s wealth comes from his ownership (along with longtime business partner, George Melville) in the incredibly successful restaurant chain, Boston Pizza (also referred to as Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza Restaurant & Sports Bar). Other successful ventures include Naramata Benchlands, which is a real estate development company, and Kitchen Partners, a specialty food manufacturer, just to name a few.

Jim Treliving Biography

Jim Treliving was born on May 12, 1941, in the small prairie town of Virden, Manitoba. Immediately after finishing high school, he joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (or RCMP), which is the Canadian equivalent of the FBI. He worked in law enforcement for nine years. One night, he walked into a local franchise in British Columbia known as Boston Pizza, and adroitly recognized the growing popularity of the establishment. Subsequently, Treliving purchased the franchise rights, and opened the first franchised Boston Pizza in Penticton, British Columbia. 

By 1983, Treliving had brought aboard chartered accountant George Melville as his business partner. The pair acquired the chain of all 44 Boston Pizza restaurants from its founder, Ron Coyle. To date, there are nearly 500 restaurants throughout Canada, the United States, and Mexico, with annual sales pushing $1 billion. 

The incredible success of the Boston Pizza restaurants, coupled with Treliving’s evident astuteness as an entrepreneur, lead to him being cast in a then-fledgling reality show called Dragon’s Den, in 2006. Based upon its British counterpart of the same name, the series was a precursor of the Emmy Award-winning Shark’s Tank. Other “dragons” included Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec, both of whom have appeared on numerous seasons of Shark’s Tank.

How Did Jim Treliving Build His Wealth? 

Jim Treliving has accumulated the vast majority of his net worth from being the owner of the hugely successful Boston Pizza franchise of restaurants. In November 2021, Boston Pizza announced its Third Quarter results. Despite COVID-19 restrictions being implemented on restaurants across North America, the company reported $266.4 million for the period which amounted to a 12.3% increase compared to Q3 of 2020.

Additionally, Treliving has a venture capital portfolio that is both extensive and varied. He has invested in numerous companies and has funded countless start-ups, enabling entrepreneurs to realize their dreams of success. Some of the companies he has invested in include Frogbox, Sipology By Steeped Tea, and Velofix.

How Is Jim Treliving’s Net-Worth Calculated?

Basically, Jim Treliving’s net worth is calculated with assets subtracted by his liabilities. Along with business partner George Melville, Treliving is the owner of one of the most popular and successful franchise restaurants in North America.

That said, it must be noted that the figure of $700 million is an approximation, but likely the probable range of Treliving’s net worth.

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