Jamie Siminoff: Net Worth, Full Bio & Investor Profile

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Fortune so oft has a way of favoring the brave, or so the adage tells us. In the case of inventor and entrepreneur Jamie Siminoff, fortune blessed him a thousandfold. In 2011, Siminoff invented a world-first in his garage, no less – a wireless video doorbell he called DoorBot. Fast forward two years later, and Siminoff was on the ABC hit show Shark Tank, with a more evolved product he now called Ring. Ultimately, all the sharks passed save for Kevin O’Leary, but Siminoff left the show without accepting his offer.

The subsequent couple of years proved difficult, as he struggled to get the floundering start-up off the ground. Then, in 2018 a little company known as Amazon came to call, acquiring Ring for reportedly between $1.2 billion and $1.8 billion. Due to the astounding success of the aforementioned acquisition, Siminoff was invited back to Shark Tank, but this time as a “guest shark”. Full circle – Fortune strikes again.

Yet, the question remains “What is Jamie Siminoff net worth?” Therefore, we here at Sophisticated Investor decided to compile all the publicly available data regarding Jamie Siminoff. Below, we’ve provided the best estimate of the American inventor and serial entrepreneur’s net worth.

Take note that all figures provided are simply estimates, and not conclusive. However, we sourced all of the publicly available assessments in order to determine the probable range of Jamie Siminoff’s net worth.

Jamie Siminoff

Date of BirthOctober 18, 1976
TitleInventor, Entrepreneur
Companies FoundedPhoneTag, Unsubscribe.com, Ring
Best Known ForInventing the Ring home security system, which sold to Amazon for over $1 billion
Net Worth (USD)$300 to $350 million

What Is Jamie Siminoff‘s Net Worth?

By all estimates, Jamie Siminoff has a net worth of between $300 and $350 million. In a Forbes profile from 2018, the article outlines the deal’s specifics and provides specific financial information regarding the company.

As mentioned, in 2018 Jamie Siminoff made a triumphant return on Shark Tank, this time as a “guest shark”. Not only is he the chief inventor and founder of Ring, but Jamie Siminoff also functions as the company’s CEO.

Jamie Siminoff Biography

Regarding biographical information pertaining to Jamie Siminoff, details are somewhat limited. Research indicates that he was born on October 18, 1976. In a 2018 interview with Inc Magazine, he discusses his experiences as a start-up entrepreneur but reveals no details of where he was born, nor his childhood.

In 1999, Siminoff graduated from Babson College, a private business school located in Wellesley, Massachusetts. This institution is world-renowned for its start-up entrepreneurship program, which fostering entrepreneurs to become successful at their respective endeavors. 

How Did Jamie Siminoff Build His Wealth? 

The majority of Jamie Siminoff comes from the acquisition by Amazon of his company, Ring in 2018 for over $1 billion. Yet, the ever serial entrepreneur, prior to that Siminoff had founded two other successful start-ups including PhoneTag and Unsubscribe.com. PhoneTag is a voicemail to text service, and Unsubscribe.com is a service enabling users to unsubscribe to unwanted mailing lists. Siminoff sold both ventures for several million dollars each. The former was sold in 2009, the latter in 2011, respectively. 

More recently, new opportunities for wealth-building have emerged for Mr. Siminoff. As of 2022, a new reality television show called Ring Nation, will be produced by MGM Television, a subsidiary of Amazon.com Inc. featuring home videos captured by Ring door cameras. While the show holds the potential to be massively entertaining in its own right, it’s also an ingenious example of viral marketing for Ring devices.

How Is Jamie Siminoff’s Net-Worth Calculated?

In the case of wealthy investors and celebrities such as Jamie Siminoff, many are founders or executives of publicly traded companies. These firms must disclose their financials in compliance with SEC regulations. Public disclosures of share ownership often make up the lion’s share of the celebrity’s wealth, which is then used as a proxy for determining their net worth. 

Disclosures are combined with the individual’s publicly-known assets (ie. primary properties, vehicles, secondary vacation properties, etc.) and then subtracted by their publicly known debts to arrive at a rough estimate. This is the general formula used to calculate Jamie Siminoff net worth. Also. various pundits estimate the number of Ring shares held by Jamie Siminoff between 25% and 30%. So, putting everything together we get a value between $300 to $350 million for Jamie Siminoff’s net worth.

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Want to Invest Like Jamie Siminoff?

Suffice it to say, having a net worth comparable to that of Jamie Siminoff, is certainly an ambitious, perhaps unattainable goal. Yet, you definitely can start aggressively investing by diversifying your portfolio with alternative investments not correlated to the stock market. 

First off, open a self-directed IRA, so you can build a portfolio that appreciates in value on a tax-free or tax-deferred basis. This way, you can invest in a variety of high-upside asset classes unavailable to regular brokerage account investors. Learn more about how to build long-term tax-free wealth by reading our precious metals IRA and bitcoin IRA reviews.