Jamie Dimon Net Worth: Full Bio & Investor Profile

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To get to a final number for Jamie Dimon net worth we researched all the publicly available data. It sounds easier than you imagine, as Jamie Dimon has been the CEO of JP Morgan Chase since 2005, so he’s been in the spotlight on many occasions. 

But that alone doesn’t make up for Jamie Dimon’s relatively discrete lifestyle. Since Jamie Dimon is often in the news headlines for various statements he may make, a lot of people ask the question: What is Jamie Dimon’s net worth? 

So, we are going to set about establishing a value to answer that question. And we will look at his investing style, biography, and view on alternative investments.

Jamie Dimon
Date of BirthMarch13, 1956
NationalityUnited States
TitleCEO & Chairman JP Morgan Chase
Companies FoundedChase U.K. online bank - Forged global conglomerate Citigroup
Best Known ForThe world's most powerful banker
Net Worth$1.5 Billion

What Is Jamie Dimon’s Net Worth?

Jamie Dimon has a Personal Net Worth of around $1.5 billion. Jamie Dimon runs the largest American bank by assets and helped secure JP Morgan’s survival of the 2008 crisis when he ordered the removal of $12 billion of subprime assets from the bank’s balance sheets.

Jamie Dimon is the top individual shareholder of JP Morgan stocks, with a 0.02% share of the bank, or 6.1 million shares. In July 2021, the board of directors awarded Dimon 1.5 million share options according to SEC filings.

However, the options have certain clawback provisions, and Dimon will only make money if share prices go higher in 5 years. He also will only be able to sell the shares after 10 years. Estimates from analysts say Dimon could make another $50 million from the extra shares in 5 years’ time. 

Jamie Dimon Biography

Jamie Dimon was born to Greek immigrants on March 13, 1956, in New York City. Dimon’s father’s original last name was Papademetriou, which he later changed to Dimon. Jamie Dimon attended Tufts University where he majored in psychology and economics. In 1982, he graduated from Harvard Business School with an MBA.

That same year, Dimon joined American Express under the mentorship of Sandy Weill. By 1985, they had both resigned from American Express and went on to acquire Commercial Credit. Together they started a spree of consolidations and takeovers. 

The escapade culminated with the creation of Citigroup, at the time the world’s largest financial services company. During this time, he served as the CEO of Smith Barney from 1996 to 1997 and after the merger as co-CEO of Salomon Smith Barney.

In 1998, Dimon and Weill crowned their achievements by establishing the global conglomerate, Citigroup. However, later that year Dimon was forced to resign after a fallout with Weill. In March 2000, Dimon landed the role of CEO at Chicago based Bank One.

Bank One at the time was the fifth largest US bank. While at the bank’s helm, Dimon negotiated the sale of Bank One to JP Morgan Chase in July 2004. And took the role of Chief Operating Officer of the merged firm. In December 2005, Dimon became the CEO of JP Morgan Chase and also became President of the bank in December 2006.

Jamie Dimon’s Rise to Banker Stardom 

During his time at JP Morgan Dimon has taken the banking conglomerate to be the largest US bank by assets. And a leading financial institution in terms of market penetration value, domestic assets, and share price.

Jamie Dimon steered the bank through the global financial crisis of 2008, and during his time JP Morgan has consistently outperformed the S&P Financials index. From October 2007 to October 2022, JP Morgan has gained 144.60 percent in share price, while the S&P 500 Financials index has risen by 9.50 percent.

How did Jamie Dimon Build His Wealth?

Jamie Dimon is one of the few top bankers that made it to billionaire status. Usually, for bankers to achieve a wealth of billions they change careers to investment firms. Examples include Steve Schwarzman, co-founder of Blackstone Group, worth $27.7 billion, and George Soros worth $6.7 billion.

Dimon started his career straight out of college and by masterminding some of the financial industry’s largest and broadest takeovers, made his way to the top of the largest bank in the United States. He also has always invested heavily in the banks he has led. 

While at Citigroup, he accumulated 2.3 million shares in the bank. When he resigned, he sold those shares for an estimated $110 million. We can add estimated earnings of $115 million during his time at Citigroup.

Supposing Dimon invested all that money in a well-diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, precious metals, and commodities. And if we calculate the CAGR of 5 percent on $225 million over the past 22 years, we get a present value of $658 million.  

We also know that Dimon holds 6.1 million shares of JP Morgan stock, at current values that makes his holdings worth $707 million. So, it seems that most of Dimon’s net worth comes from his investments in the financial firms he has been leading throughout his career. 

We can add to those numbers the total compensation received at the helm of JP Morgan. Over the last 5 years, Jamie Dimon has received an average of $41.1 million from 2017 to 2021. Those figures do not include stock options, as the one mentioned earlier. 

Does Jamie Dimon Invest in Alternative Assets?

It hasn’t been possible to determine if or how Jamie Dimon invests in alternative assets. However, we do know that he is a firm supporter of cryptocurrencies. In May 2022, JP Morgan strategist Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou issued a report stating that Bitcoin was now the bank’s favored alternative asset.

The strategist went on to explain that JP Morgan sees Bitcoin with more growth potential than real estate. The slump in the housing market is due to the ongoing increase in mortgage rates, stated Panigirtzoglou.

These words do not come from Jamie Dimon himself, but such an important declaration of intent must have had his approval before reaching any kind of publication. 

How Is Jamie Dimon Net Worth Calculated?

Jamie Dimon net worth is calculated by taking his declared assets and subtracting liabilities. Since not all of this information is public, we can come to an estimate. Even though we don’t have all the exact information, what is available is sufficient to calculate Dimon’s net worth with a small margin of error.

We do know he has a very large stake in JP Morgan, and we can estimate a clear value for it. We also know he was handsomely compensated while at Citigroup and continues to receive multimillion-dollar total compensation at JP Morgan. We believe that we have correctly estimated Jamie Dimon’s net worth of $1.5 billion.

Who Else Invests Like Jamie Dimon?

Not all investors have the same investing style. To compare investors like Jamie Dimon, check out some of the profiles listed below.

Want to Invest Like Jamie Dimon?

Jamie Dimon has proven himself as a very capable banker and a visionary in consolidation and mergers. He has consistently led JP Morgan to positive results year after year. Even in times of financial crises, he has managed to buffer the negative effects when compared to his peers.

He has an eye for investments in the financial space and is also a supporter of alternative assets such as cryptocurrencies. 

If you want to follow Jamie Dimon’s investing success, you can take advantage of a tax-enhanced savings account. Open a self-directed IRA where you can hold all types of assets including real estate and crypto.