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Review Summary : started publishing a newsletter about annuities in 1986. Since 1999, the company is now issuing annuities to investors out of its head office in New Jersey.

The company rates well across many different categories and has now developed a rich history of helping investors retire early.

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  • Excellent customer ratings
  • Great explanation of products
  • 25+ years in business


  • Limited information on founders
Quick Facts about
Overall Rating:
Year Founded:1986
Company Headquarters:Englishtown, New Jersey
Surrender Fees:Variable surrender fees
Immediate Annuity Offered?:Yes
Longevity Annuity Offered?:Yes
Rates:2%-11% depending on annuity selection
Reviewed By:Jack Choros
Published On:August, 13, 2020
Last Modified:August, 13, 2020
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Field is Required stands out as one of the best sources for annuities related information and products in the industry. The website is nicely organized, provides information on reviews and feedback from customers as well as extensive information on quotes, rates and the types of products available. In other words, does exactly what it should do. It educates investors and allows them to make the best decisions possible for their own retirement planning.

Admittedly, there are some other annuities providers, like DCF Annuities that have a slightly better reputation and a bigger reach in terms of their branding and marketing than and it’s for that reason that we couldn’t rate the company number one. But still, is a solid option and as you read through this review here at the Sophisticated Investor, you’ll see why that is for yourself.

What is is an annuities provider based out of Englishtown, New Jersey. The company began doing business in 1999. It’s been rated a top annuities company by TrustPilot and Google, but more on that in a bit. CNN money has also regularly featured the site as a source.

The company also serves many corporate pension clients meaning that American workers across the country rely on Immediate to help them keep a well-rounded retirement plan.

Founders and Management Team At

Hersh and Ariel Stern aren’t just father and son, they are the leaders of WebAnnuities Insurance Agency, the company behind

Hersh Stern, Founder and CEO,

Hersh is the founder of the company. He graduated from New York University in 1976 and launched in 1996, 20 years later. He holds an MBA from Baruch College and continues to educate investors on the benefits of choosing annuities over other instruments.

Ariel Stern, Founder and COO,

Ariel is the Chief Operating Officer. He’s been in the role since the company’s inception. 11 years plus to be exact. Prior to launching the company with his brother, Ariel worked as an annuities salesman for New York Life Insurance Company.

Together, Hersh and Ariel are turning into an authoritative source for all things annuities.

Types of Annuity Investments Offered at

There are many different types of annuities that retirement investors can choose from in order to meet their needs. breaks them down in detail for you.

Overall, The Website Lists Seven Different Types of Annuities:

  • Deferred annuities
  • Deferred income annuities
  • Fixed index annuities
  • Immediate annuities
  • Longevity annuities
  • Qualified longevity annuities contracts

In general, each of these seven types of products fall into three different categories:

  • Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities
  • Secondary Market Annuities
  • Fixed Index Annuities

Let’s take a moment to go over each of the categories so that you have a broader understanding of what has to offer.

Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities

Multi-year Guaranteed Annuities is essentially a single premium annuity which grows at a fixed rate for a predetermined amount of time. They are very similar to certificates of deposit. Here are the key features:

  • Growth is tax-deferred
  • The fixed rate doesn’t change until the end of the annuity contract
  • Rates are comparable to if not greater than certificates of deposit
  • Most contracts offer penalty free withdrawal

We will get more into MYGA rates in a moment.

Secondary Market Annuities

A Secondary Market Annuity is an asset that makes a series of payments to you, or a lump sum payment. It’s all based on a predetermined schedule. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Secondary market annuities typically offer a higher rate than traditional annuities.
  • By purchasing a secondary market annuity, you are acquiring the rights to an income stream or a lump sum payment that another person has sold at a discount.
  • SMA closing books go through a full review by an attorney for your protection.

Fixed Index Annuities

Fixed Index Annuities grow based on the performance of an index fund like the S&P 500. It also protects you against any losses. Here are the main features:

  • The value of your investment is protected in down years.
  • Growth is tax-deferred.
  • Income riders are available on most investments. That offers you lifetime income.
  • Products with no withdrawal penalties offered in this category.

Rates and Quotes

Now that we’ve covered every segment of annuities products offered at, let’s go over the rates that each segment can provide to you, the investor.

Rates: Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities

The MYGA rates at vary from 2.4% annually to 3.55% annually. That 3.55% rate requires a minimum $2,500 premium and comes with a longer surrender fee period then most annuities.

Rates: Secondary Market Annuities

Keep in mind that was secondary market annuities, the cost of the annuity is discounted as you are purchasing it from someone else. As such, you’re not necessarily paying a set premium to get involved, we are paying a prorated amount based on how much the annuity is being discounted. specifically promotes two solid annuities from AIG alongside other insurers that provide secondary market annuities at 2.79% and they increase to as high as 3.6% annually.

Rates: Fixed Index Annuities

Fixed index annuities offer the potential for the highest rate of return compared to any other category of annuities at That makes sense because the rates of return are tied to the stock market. Rates start at 2% annually and move all the way up to an impressive 5.25% annually. One insurer, Atlantic Coast Life, offers a premium bonus of up to 7% on top of that, which is fantastic!

Customer Reviews

When it comes to collecting customer reviews, it’s arguable that nobody does it better than The company has no less than 789 reviews at That’s an impressive number of reviews among all of the annuities companies that we look at. Clearly is dedicated towards actively managing its reputation online and for whatever reason, seems to be the most popular way to collect reviews for annuities companies.

One thing we should note is that Jamie actually uses a different name on certain reputation management websites. The business is actually registered as WebAnnuities Insurance Agency at the Better Business Bureau. The company has an A+ rating there with zero complaints which is good.

Overall, we would see that just based on these reviews, working with as a possibility worth exploring.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re excited about the prospect of choosing as your annuities provider but still have some questions, you’ve come to the right place! Below are the most frequently asked questions people have about annuities and

Should I Invest in Annuities?

Making the decision to invest in anything is ultimately a very personal one. You have to be able to assess your desire for reward versus your need to manage risk. The more you can afford to risk, the higher your potential gains. But the two are always connected. Below are some of the key questions you should consider asking yourself before you invest in annuities:

  • When do you hope to retire?
  • How old are you going to be when you call it a career?
  • Until what age do you hope to live?
  • What kinds of things do you hope to do when you retire and how much are those activities going to cost you?
  • What do you hope your net worth to be and how much do you want to leave behind for your loved ones?
  • How do annuities fit in to the rest of your diversified portfolio?
  • How risk averse do you consider yourself to be?
  • If the worst case scenario happens, can you still live the life you want to live?

Do I Have To Pay Commission Fees to Invest in an Annuity?, like most annuities providers, it doesn’t take a commission from customers directly. Instead annuities companies get paid a commission directly from the insurer facilitating the investment product. All the end consumer sees as the annual rate they’re going to receive. No need to worry about paying a salesperson unlike with other investment products.

Do Annuities Have Penalties?

Annuities do usually come with some sort of surrender fees and/or withdrawal penalties. These penalties usually work backwards and are based on percentage points. For instance, if you invest in an annuity that pays out 6% and you have to withdraw, you will likely pay 6% for the first year that you withdraw and each year after that 1% less until your withdrawal fee gets to zero. It usually works on a sliding scale like that.

Should You Choose to Invest with

Based on the outstanding customer reviews we looked at on TrustPilot, it’s safe to say that customers choosing to work with over the competition will certainly do well for themselves. The company’s website does a great job of categorizing the different types of annuities that are available and the benefits that come with choosing those annuities over others.

Ultimately the company’s rates” are fairly competitive in comparison to other annuities providers and the organization does offer a fair level of flexibility when it comes to choosing both the rate and the terms that are best for you and your personal situation.

Prior to making any big decisions about which company you should choose to work with, we always recommend consulting somebody you trust in taking the time to reflect on what your retirement goals are. You need to consider how those goals will impact you and your loved ones and help you accomplish all the goals that you would like to pursue throughout your golden years.

Continue to look at other reviews and do what’s best for you. Remember that most annuities are designed to protect you from any potential downturn in the market, but the potential upside varies on the product you select. Review Review - by, April 1, 2011
4/ 5stars
on Review
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  • Very Good
Review Summary : started publishing a newsletter about annuities in 1986. Since 1999, the company is now issuing annuities to investors out of its head office in New Jersey.

The company rates well across many different categories and has now developed a rich history of helping investors retire early.

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