Hilary Kramer 2-Day Mini-Market Trader Course [REVIEW]: Worth It in 2022?

When the news broke that the host of the famed Millionaire Maker podcast, Hilary Kramer, was releasing a two-day crash course on options trader, it’s safe to say that my curiosity was piqued. Although I didn’t know much about her firsthand, I’d heard a thing or two about her moneymaking abilities and that she’s been a well-known figure on Wall Street for decades. 

The problem is, financial crash courses and get-rich-quick programs are a dime a dozen these days. At Sophisticated Investor, we’ve gotten our hands on enough low-quality, borderline scam courses to prove it. That’s why we initially checked out Ms. Kramer’s Two-Day Trader course with cautious optimism and hopeful skepticism. 

Ultimately, our opinion is mixed. While there’s certainly potential in Hilary Kramer’s program, there are some things you absolutely must know before getting started with it—so let’s get to it. 

Who Is Hilary Kramer?

First, a brief history of the woman behind the program. Hilary Kramer is an American media personality, analyst, and investment manager born in New Jersey in 1965. For those tapped into the Wall Street milieu, Ms. Kramer is a pretty well-known name, given that she has penned three influential investment books and is a former Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers insider.

In our view, her bona fides as an investor and financial success are rock solid and have been established over the course of her 30-year Wall Street career. If you need proof, you can check out our article on Hilary Kramer’s net worth to see for yourself (hint: it’s an eight-figure sum). 

Today, Hilary Kramer is known as a media personality and a high-profile market analyst who knows the ins and outs of Wall Street. She is the current head of Kramer Capital Research and has championed numerous online courses to help traders improve their game.


What Is Hilary Kramer’s Track Record As An Investor? 

According to the website TipRanks, Ms. Kramer has an investing success record of 62%, meaning she earns a profit on more than 6 in every 10 trades she makes. Considering that you only need a 51% success record in order to become a profitable trader or investor, we consider this an impressive score and a significant achievement to her credit. 

In fact, Hilary has racked in many hugely successful trades that have won her returns well over 100%. Below, we’ve displayed some of her most notable trade wins over the past few years.

screenshot of hilary kramer's trade history

Source: HilaryKramer.com

In short, there’s a good reason why The Economist calls Ms. Kramer “one of the best-known investors in America.” With a strong track record behind her, we think customers have every reason to think that her 2-day trader course is backed by real expertise. 

Hilary Kramer’s 2-Day Micro-Market Trader Course: An Overview

First launched in 2019, Hilary Kramer’s Two Day Micro Market Trader course is the Wall Street veteran’s flagship product offering to retail investors and day traders. The course provides an in-depth overview of several key trading and investing fundamentals, including:

  • Instant Alerts: Urgent signals to buy or sell a stock are sent directly to the subscriber any time Kramer’s system detects one (via text or email 2-3 times per week).
  • 24/7 Access: Read Kramer’s reports, video archives, and details on her latest trades and moves in today’s fast-paced market.
  • Insider Insights: Get in-the-know by reading research and reports from Kramer’s team that elucidate her trading strategy and approach to options.
  • Actionable Instructions: Step-by-step courses and instructions detailing how to enter and exit the market and how to identify lucrative trade opportunities.


The “X” Signal Strategy

At the heart of Ms. Kramer’s trading strategy is the “X” signal, which is a key indicator that has helped her gain a 62% win rate throughout her tenure on Wall Street. In short, the “X” indicator is two-sided: on one side, it indicates where and when to buy, and on the other it indicates where to sell—on technical analysis charts, the two sides roughly form on “X” shape.

The “X” signal system is a proprietary formula designed by Kramer herself, alongside her team at Greentech Research. This signal is at the heart of the “mini market” that she identifies with every trading opportunity so that she can identify high upside trades regardless of external market conditions (i.e., bullish, recession, downturn). 

Do You Need Experience to Take Hilary Kramer’s Course?

No, Hilary has said it herself that you don’t need prior trading experience to benefit from the knowledge and tips offered in her course. It’s designed in a way that allows beginners, novices, and even high-level traders improve their trading skills. 

You don’t need to be able to read technical charts or read a balance sheet, either. Rather, Ms. Kramer’s system lets you find trades organically without having to rely on formal techniques involving quantitative analyses or chart reading.  

Hilary Kramer’s Mini-Market Trader Course Pricing & Plans

There are currently two options for traders who want to take Hilary Kramer’s Mini-Market trading course. Below, we’ve listed the going rates that Kramer charges for full course access:

  • 1 Quarter: $495
  • 1 Year: $1,495
  • 2 Year: $2,495


In our books, the single quarter membership offers the best fail-safe value because there’s far less at risk. By ordering a one-quarter subscription, you can learn everything that the course has to offer and stay attuned to Kramer’s alerts for three months.

If you find that there’s enough value in her alerts and strategic tips to continue your subscription, considering opting for her 2-year package in order to deepen your understanding of her trading strategy over time. The longer you stay subscribed, the more money you can earn by applying her strategy. 

The Bottom Line

No offence to Mad Money‘s Jim Cramer, but Hilary is the most respected “Kramer” on Wall Street. Her analysis and reputation for finding high-potential trades is second to none, and her 30-year track record with the world’s top investment firms attests to her success.

With pricing starting at $495, we think that Ms. Kramer’s Mini-Market trading course is worth taking a chance on. At worst, you’ll gain decades’ worth of knowledge about how to trade stocks and options in the same way that made Hilary Kramer rich. At best, you’ll get rich yourself.

If this sounds like the course for you, sign-up for Hilary Kramer’s two-day Mini-Market Trading Course today. Hilary’s made many a millionaire before—who knows, maybe you’re the next.