Gorilla Trades Review: Everything You Need to Know About the Stock Trading Service

Gorilla Trades
Gorilla Trades - by, April 1, 2011
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Gorilla Trades
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Review Summary :

Gorilla Trades is a veteran in the stock trading software market for over 20 years, with a long track record of customer satisfaction to back it. Although advanced traders may not find a ton of new insights in the service, beginner and novice-level traders have a lot they can learn from the intuitive UI/UX - and a lot of potential profit to earn on winning trades. Worth signing up for the trial and seeing how you like the service.

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  • Includes those option traders out there by offering weekly option picks 
  • Clearly illustrates technical strategy for each stock and option in its portfolio
  • No specific broker or trading execution platform required
  • Sends out comprehensive daily and nightly trade alert and recap emails
  • Has a transparent 23-year track record 
  • Offers a forum for subscribers


  • No option for monthly subscription
  • Some trades will inevitably result in financial losses (trade at your own risk!)
Quick Facts about Gorilla Trades
Overall Rating:
Year Founded:1999
Company Headquarters:Jupiter, Florida
Reviewed By:Adam Hamadiya
Published On:September 21, 2022
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Gorilla Trades was established in 1999 by former Wall Street money manager Ken Burmen. Essentially, it’s a stock picking subscription service that identifies high-potential stocks, and offers its subscribers tools, insights, and instructions on pursuing a trading strategy meant to bolster gains in the stock market. 

Their proprietary trading strategy uses proven technical analysis indicators to plot entry points and stop losses for trades. If you’re worried that you might not know enough about technical analysis for you to understand the strategy, don’t be! The beauty of Gorilla Trades is that you don’t have to be well-versed in technical analysis to understand how to use the science to your trading advantage. 

Much like our best pick for stock trading books, How to Make Money In Stocks, Gorilla Trades provides you with fully explained charts that will help you spot the most profitable trends in the market, only it will be happening in real time as you use the Gorilla Trades platform. 

Want to become privy to an important aspect of trading that flies under the radar of many traders? If you want to learn more about how these tactics and trading strategies can help you make more profitable moves in the stock market, then continue reading. 

What to Expect When Subscribing to Gorilla Trades

Gorilla Trades has been recommending stocks since 1999, and has an impressive track record when it comes to the strategy they use. Their track record is not flawless, but no strategy can be when faced with the unpredictability of markets. This is especially true for traders whose objective is to try and make capital gains within a short span of time. 

In fact, if Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme has taught us anything, it’s that if you ever find yourself staring a perfect track record in the face, then it’s probably a good idea to take your money and run! 

When subscribing to Gorilla Trades, you can also expect the following:

  • Daily stock picks 
  • Weekly option picks
  • Specific entry points, target levels, and stop loss orders for each stocks
  • Afternoon and nightly emails that include market commentary and insights 

Is Gorilla Trades Legit? 

The subscription is the real deal. No embellishments, and no false promises. They tell you what to do, when to do it, and provide insights as to why you’re doing it. Then afterwards, they log the outcome to allow investors the opportunity of viewing the results.

Their 20+ year track record has gone a long way in building rapport amongst traders, so upon subscribing, you can also expect a community of traders that you are able to interact with VIA their Gorilla Trades forum. 

Below are ratings of the Gorilla Trades subscription from websites whose whole prerogative is to give the general public platforms where they can honestly review services.

What Features Does Gorilla Trades Offer Subscribers?

The subscription offers a variety of features that go on to make it an effective stock picking service. Some of these features include:

  • Alerts Portfolio: The alerts portfolio lists the stocks that it recommends you buy now. 
  • System Tutorial: The tutorial offers guidance by explaining the technical trading strategy to be implemented for each stock.
  • GorillaTrades Quiz: The quiz can be used in addition to the system tutorial in order to help you further establish an understanding of how to implement the trading strategy. 
  • Stock Screener: The stock screener tool allows you to narrow down your search for stocks within the portfolio to match your needs. 

Screenshot of Gorilla Trades interface.

The Gorilla Alerts Portfolio 

By viewing the current GorillaTrades in the subscribers home menu, you will be able to view the current portfolio containing all of the stock picks in either Excel format for you to download, or as a web page. 

Screenshot of Gorilla Trades interface.

The portfolio lists approximately 25 current stocks in table format, while also including the technical information needed for you to follow the strategies protocol, some of which include: 

  • Risk rating
  • Trigger date 
  • Trigger price 
  • Stop loss order 
  • Target levels 


Many of these stocks and the insights for them are sent out to you in the form of a comprehensive email, so beyond using tutorials to get comfortable with understanding the strategy, you don’t even have to visit the website for you to get the information that you need to facilitate your trades. 

The Gorilla Trade platform is extremely well organized. By viewing the alerts portfolio you have quick access to the portfolio screener, and by viewing the portfolio screener you have quick access to the stocks commentary, and by viewing the stocks commentary you have access to the technical indicators for that particular stocks.

All of this is then encompassed in one email, should you choose to save yourself the time of navigating the menus. The clarity and conciseness of the platform is very intuitive, especially when considering that the volume of information subscribers have access to could have very easily made the subscription less than ideal for the average trader. 

Portfolio Screener 

The portfolio screener is a straightforward way of filtering stocks that have been picked for the portfolio. 

Screenshot of Gorilla Trades interface.

After selecting your required filters, the results will give you the stocks along with their corresponding technical indicators. 

Yet again, the platform comes down to the technical parameters that is the basis of its stock selecting strategy. So the more of an understanding that you have about the gist of technical analysis, the better you’ll be able to understand what exactly Gorilla Trades is offering you. 

What is Technical Analysis Really About?

You have probably noticed that a stock is always accompanied by a chart that reflects the price movements of that stock throughout its history. Technical analysis involves using those charts to derive insights as to the direction that the stock will take. 

However, a stock’s chart can only be a reflection of what has happened to that stock up to date, so using technical indicators to gauge the direction of a stock heavily depends on the important idea that history tends to repeat itself. 

The basis for Gorilla Trades strategy is basically that there are indicators of price, volume, and volatility within charts that have shown to be common amongst stocks before they begin to rise in price. Their strategy uses 14 unique technical parameters to determine which stocks this is likely to happen to. If these parameters are met, then there is a likelihood that the stock will rise in price. 

Does Gorilla Trades Strategy Work? 

It’s important to understand that the strategy works, but that does not mean that the stocks that they pick will actually rise in price. There is no actual way to know whether a stock will make an upwards trend. When technical parameters are met, it means that there is only an indication that an upward trend will happen.

After Gorilla Trades sifts through thousands of stocks, the ones that currently meet the technical parameters are listed as a new pick. The strategy behind those stocks picks will then go on to include the following:

  • Trigger price: If the stock trades above its given trigger price within five days of being listed in the nightly email, then it is considered for purchase.  
  • Confirmation day: After a price has been triggered, an email is sent out to confirm that the purchase should be made 
  • First target: If the price reaches the given target, a portion of the portfolio is recommended for sale. 
  • Second target: If the price then goes on to reach this target, it remains in the portfolio until it shows signs of weakness.
  • Stop-loss: This risk management mechanism is present throughout every step and is continually adjusted as the price rises. 


The use of stop-losses is an integral part of the Gorilla Trade strategy for the very reason that markets are unpredictable. Technical analysis is heavily founded on the notion that history repeats itself, but a technical strategy would be full proof if that were always the case. 

History does tend to repeat itself, but not always in the same way. By providing subscribers a specific stop loss that is continuously adjusted as the price of the stock picks rise, Gorilla Trades makes use of technical strategies when they work, and manages the risk of trading when it doesn’t.

How Gorilla Trades Can Help You as Trader 

Simply by creating a framework through which trades are done, Gorilla Trades satisfies an important part of trading that many investors overlook: having a guideline for trades that include entry, exit, and risk management initiatives. If you are a trader, then all three should be used as an integral part of your trading strategy. 

If you have ever lost a large amount of money on a trade, then you will likely come to appreciate Gorilla Trades strategy. And if you are a prospective trader looking to try out Gorilla Trades, then a better understanding about what the strategy actually does can save you from losing most, or even all, of your money on a trade. 

One of the biggest mistakes that some traders will make is holding on to the entirety of their shares after realizing gains on them, and this can be easy if you are not setting targets for your trade to begin with. A target is set so that you don’t get carried away when trading—or carried the wrong way by markets. 

After a certain point you want to lock in your gains because if you don’t, then the reality is that you risk losing them. By selling 50%-75% of your shares after the first target is met, you can use those capital gains to further diversify your portfolio. If the stock shows signs of further growth potential, then the remaining 25%-50% may yet create more capital gains for you.

What Technical Tools Does Gorilla Trades Use For Its Strategy? 

At this point, you may be asking how you will know if the stock shows signs of further growth after it reaches its first target. This is where Gorilla Trades comes in. They do not only use technical indicators behind the scenes to pick stocks for the portfolio, but they actively assess the strategy by using a myriad of technical indicators

The following is an example of how a stock pick would be generally conveyed to its subscribers:

Screenshot of Gorilla Trades interface.

If any adjustments are made to triggers, targets, or stop-losses, then you will be notified through the emails they send out. Each of their stock picks includes commentary and tips which aim to give you insights into the stock relative to the market’s condition at the time. 

Is the Gorilla Trades Subscription Right for You?  

Gorilla Trades is not for everyone. To know if the subscription is right for you, you should assess both the time frame of your objectives and the risk tolerance you have, and this will help you answer an important question: do you want to trade, or do you want to invest? 

There is a fundamental difference between trading and investing. Both seek capital gains in the market, but the time frame for trading is much shorter than it is for investing. Trading will invariably incur more of a risk because the goal is to achieve capital gains in a shorter amount of time than investing.

Time factor risk is precisely what can make Gorilla Trades such a great help for traders, because technical analysis becomes much more of an integral part of a strategy in the stock market if the time frame is shorter. The idea is that you want to use every advantage that you possibly can at your disposal to offset the risk of a shorter time frame. 

Investing is quite different in that you already have the advantage of time. Since markets are much more efficient in the long term, investing may only use technical analysis tools as one of many parts to its strategy; whereas trading heavily relies on it. 

Gorilla Trades may be right for you if: 

  • You have a short time frame objective 
  • You want an effective technical trading strategy 
  • You are willing to accept the risks involved with trading 


Try Out the Gorillas Strategy For Your Trades Today  

If you are eager to try out the subscription and get trading , you can sign up and have stock recommendations offered to you free for 30 days. This can all be done without having to use a credit card, and you will have access to all that the subscription has to offer including recommendations, the subscribers website, and the evening emails that they send out. 

If after 30 days you have found that their trading strategy has made your trading more successful, you can subscribe to their flagship service for an annual fee of $499.95


Gorilla Trades
Gorilla Trades - by, April 1, 2011
4/ 5stars
Gorilla Trades
  • Editor Rating
  • Very Good
USD$499.95 (Annual)
Review Summary :

Gorilla Trades is a veteran in the stock trading software market for over 20 years, with a long track record of customer satisfaction to back it. Although advanced traders may not find a ton of new insights in the service, beginner and novice-level traders have a lot they can learn from the intuitive UI/UX - and a lot of potential profit to earn on winning trades. Worth signing up for the trial and seeing how you like the service.

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