George Gammon: Net Worth, Companies, Full Bio & Investor Profile

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American investor and entrepreneur George Gammon knows all about being a self-made millionaire. The prolific YouTube influencer has almost 34 million views on his various videos teaching people about macroeconomics, and strategies to hedge against inflation. Moreover, Gammon has nearly 400K subscribers to his YouTube channel

Gammon resides in Medellin, Colombia, and manages a portfolio of real estate properties. After retiring at 38 years old, Gammon began a property flipping business, where he bought and remodeled over 40 houses across the United States.

Given how popular George Gammon’s investing strategies have proven to be, for ages people have speculated just how much he has to his name. Therefore, we at Sophisticated Investor have endeavored to find out “What is George Gammon’s net worth?”. Below, we’ve compiled a profile of Gammon based on all the available personal information and public estimations. 

Yet, it’s important to remember that the figures are simply approximations, and may not represent Gammon’s precise net worth.

George Gammon

Date of BirthN/A
TitleEntrepreneur, investor, real estate expert
Companies FoundedN/A
Best Known ForInvestment strategies
Net Worth (USD)$25 million

What is George Gammon’s Net Worth?

Based on research, George Gammon has a net worth of an estimated $25 million. 

George Gammon Biography

Regarding biographical information pertaining to George Gammon, details are very limited. Gammon has none of the typical biographical pages such as Wikipedia, or a profile on Forbes.

Gleaned from Gammon’s website, he attended Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona, and specialized in communications and media studies. He is an entrepreneur and investment guru who operates an incredibly popular YouTube channel, “The Rebel Capitalist Show”.  

Furthermore, Gammon’s website states that at 38 years old, he pivoted and switched to real estate investment. According to his site, over the past decade, Gammon has flipped over 40 houses throughout the United States. His business ventures now employ upwards of 100 people around the world.

Gammon now spends much of his time doing media appearances and commenting on market events. For instance, he was interviewed by Kitco News in November 2023 where, during the interview, he spoke widely about his predictions for a banking sector collapse in 2024. George has also spoken about other controversial or bold topics, including the prospective introduction of a central bank digital currency to the U.S.

How Did George Gammon Build His Wealth?

George Gammon has been a successful investor and entrepreneur. In addition, he has an incredibly successful YouTube channel called ‘The Rebel Capitalist’. With 374K subscribers and counting, suffice to say that Gammon is a popular investment expert.

With regards to his investment strategy, Gammon’s portfolio is 80% on stocks and ETFs that pay dividends, 10% on physical gold for insurance, and 10% on crypto and speculative assets like Uranium. Apropos of cryptocurrency, he is bullish on Bitcoin long-term, but doesn’t encourage people to invest more than a small percentage of their portfolio in crypto at the moment.

As a YouTube personality, Mr. Gammon’s content is quite polemic and is intentionally presented in a way to generate controversy and perhaps inflammatory discussion. His views are overtly political and he comments on global affairs in a way that sometimes takes on a conspiratorial tone. For instance, his video posted on September 10, 2022, outlines the “evil” formulations of the World Economic Forum, such as recent measures to usher in a global net-zero economy. The video also features criticism of Bill Gates, a frequent subject of discussion among conspiracy theorists.

How Is George Gammon’s Net-Worth Calculated?

Essentially, George Gammon’s net worth is calculated with assets subtracted by his liabilities. Gammon is an incredibly successful investment guru, entrepreneur, and real estate investor. He has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, not to mention, a very successful web series called The Rebel Capitalist.

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Want to Invest Like George Gammon?

Not every investor can hope to have a net worth like George Gammon’s net worth. However, that doesn’t mean that the average investor can’t adopt an aggressive investment strategy. Gaining exposure to alternative assets such as precious metals and cryptocurrency is a sound way of growing your wealth.

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