DCF Annuities Review

DCF Annuities Review
DCF Annuities Review - by, April 1, 2011
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DCF Annuities Review
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DCF Annuities has been in business since 2016. It's a subsidiary DCF Exchange and headed by founder Nathanial Pulsifer. DCF Annuties offers all kinds of investment products for both pre-retirees, those currently retired and investors looking to leave their wealth behind to family members. Find out of DCF annuities is right for you.

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  • Outstanding reputation
  • Large network of nationwide dealers
  • Variety of investing options


  • Limited number of customer reviews
Quick Facts about DCF Annuities
Overall Rating:
Year Founded:2016
Company Headquarters:Montana
Surrender Fees:Not applicable
Immediate Annuity Offered?:Yes
Longevity Annuity Offered?:Yes
Rates:2%-11% depending on annuity selection
Reviewed By:Jack Choros
Published On:August 24, 2020
Last Modified:August 24, 2020
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DCF Annuities is arguably the best annuities company to work with in America. The company has built up a nationwide network of dealers able to fulfill your investing needs whether you’re still saving up for retirement, currently enjoying your golden years, or thinking about leaving some of your wealth behind for your loved ones. Whatever your needs are, the right annuity investment can help get the job done and DCF Annuities the right company to help you along the way.

One of the best parts about working with DCF Annuities is that the company’s website explains to you a variety of scenarios in which specific types of annuities might benefit you the most. Many people don’t understand what annuities are in the first place. Most investors are used to investing in things like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, precious metals and even digital currency over something like an annuity.

But annuities do have their place in retirement investing. They are a smart way to guarantee yourself and income year-over-year, and either vastly decrease or completely eliminate any downside risk. You can also maintain some of your privacy and build your wealth for generations to come using trust accounts or Limited Liability Corporations.

The founder of DCF Annuities is continuing to push the envelope in making his brand the number one choice for your annuity investment. Work with insurance companies and have your best interests in mind and deal with brokers and salespeople who are not strictly motivated by commissions.

Read through this thorough review and find out more about why DCF Annuities gets such great feedback from customers online, routinely recruits the best dealers, and also offer some of the best possible annuity investments available on the open market today.

Founder and Management Team

Nathaniel M. Pulsifer is the Founder of DCF Annuities.

Nathaniel M. Pulsifer, Founder, DCF Annuities

Nathaniel M. Pulsifer, Founder, DCF Annuities

Pulsifer is known across America for his expertise in offering fixed income investments through discounted structured settlement payments. These dedicated to helping retirees make all the right choices when it comes to long-term investing in retirement planning.

Just a few years into launching DCF Annuities, the company is already one of America’s leading annuities companies serving customers through a large network of respected dealers and brokers.

Types of Annuity Investments Offered at DCF Annuities

DCF Annuities breaks down its annuity investments into three different categories:

  • Income Now
  • Income Later
  • Safe Growth Options

Let’s take a moment to go through all three of them so that you can figure out where your annuity investing needs might fit into your own personal broader investing strategy. Remember that diversity is key when it comes to investing, so as much as we recommend working with DCF Annuities highly, remember that an annuity investment should only represent a portion of your overall portfolio. Now let’s get to it!

Income Now

Retirees looking for income right now might choose to receive DCF Income Payments that payout a specific amount of money for a set amount of time, say for instance $1,500 a month for 15 straight years. The company’s Income Now products allow you to do that without risking the long-term safety and security of your investment.

The basic benefits of using this type of annuity are as follows:

  • Get monthly payments in a variety of amounts suitable for your needs, whether that’s $1,500 a month or $3,000 a month etc.
  • Benefit from first come, first serve inventory.
  • Annuity sellers sell at a discount meaning you have an opportunity to earn a higher yield.
  • The perfect set it and forget it option for annuity investors.

Income Later

DCF sells customers the concept of earnings or income later through Deferred Income DCF Payments. Deferred Income DCF Payments actually come from structured settlements related to personal injury cases. Individuals involved in these cases can sell some of their future payments and usually do so through a court ordered process.

Investors can capitalize on this by purchasing DCF Income Payments through a network of nationwide financial advisors. People who purchase this option become payees. The payee’s investment is never pulled together with other investors and they are never subject to paying fees to a fund manager.

Pricing and Fees

It’s no secret. Investors love to know what pricing and fees are going to cost them up front. It would certainly be ideal to throw everything in the chart for you and show you exactly what you’re going to pay out to insurance companies just for purchasing your annuities. But annuities simply don’t work that way. This is true for several reasons.

First of all, annuities providers don’t make money by charging you a commission fee. They make money by taking a commission fee from the insurance company that is hosting the annuity investment. This is good for you because you don’t have to pay for anything upfront. Not just a commission fee. There’s also no annual fee.

So what’s the downside of that? While everybody has to make their money, so insurance companies simply offer you terms and investing rates that they can afford to give you. If you’re happy with the rate and the terms of the deal, you accept. The commission is already built into what you are receiving as the benefit, and that commission goes to the annuity provider facilitating the deal between you and the insurance company. It’s as simple as that.

That’s why it’s hard to tell you exactly what is going to cost you to purchase an annuity. But what you should know is that annuities can cost between 1% and 5% of your return rate. Again, you won’t see those numbers on the statement, but that’s the cost of doing business!

How much you pay at a specific product depends on the terms and conditions that you agree to. Obviously if you agree to lock in money for a longer period of time and you don’t take it out too early, you’ll get a more favorable rate.

Customer Reviews

DCF Annuities lists two excellent reviews at TrustPilot.com, with the 3.8 out of five star rating. When looking at these reviews however it’s important to note that some DCF reviews are actually under the name DCF Exchange which is owned by the same company. Under that name, you’ll find eight more reviews from TrustPilot with a 4.3 out of five star rating.

While the company could definitely benefit from gathering more reviews on various platforms and we couldn’t find anything at the Better Business Bureau or other common sites like Yelp, Google or the Business Consumer Alliance, DCF Annuties definitely ranks among the best in the business when it comes to the reviews found on TrustPilot.

We’ve spoken to the founder and his team directly and they are well aware of their position in the annuities segment of the investing market and they are committed to maintaining their status as the industry leader in annuities across America.

Safe Growth Options

For those that want the most flexibility possible within an annuity investment, Lump Sum DCF Payments are probably the best option. The company labels this is a safe growth option because it really doesn’t matter at what stage in your retirement you are, whether you’re still years away from it or already enjoying it. Receiving lump-sum payments allows you to annuitize if you want to, or not if you don’t. You can get a lump sum contract whenever you want your lifetime income to start. You can also open a trust account or LLC as a way of gifting your annuity payments to younger members of your family. This way you build generational wealth and keep your money and your family name for decades to come, even if something happens to you.

Eliminate volatility and risk and set a great foundation for your financial future all in the form of lump sum payment distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions investors typically have about DCF Annuties.

What are the 4 types of annuities?

There are actually many types of annuities and many things to consider before choosing the one that’s right for you. That said, most annuities fall into four different categories.

First is the immediate annuity. An immediate annuity is what the name says it is. It starts paying you income us and as you make a lump sum premium deposit. You start receiving income within 30 days in most cases and that income carries on for the rest of your life.

A fixed annuity pays you a fixed rate for a fixed amount of time. The fixed amount of time is usually three years, five years or 10 years. You sign a contractual agreement with the insurance company facilitating the annuity and everybody meets the agreed upon terms in exchange for your deposit.

A variable annuity allows you to invest in a mutual fund inside of a tax-deferred insurance vehicle with no investing limits. This is ideal for someone whose IRA limits are close to maxed out. Variable annuities don’t protect your principal investment. You can lose some money. That’s the downside.

A fixed index annuity is where the insurance company investor money for you into index funds. If there’s a profit to be shared, you get a cut. If the fund loses money, you don’t lose anything.

How are fixed annuity rates guaranteed?

Insurance companies participate in complicated mathematical formulas that ensure they make a profit and you still get the benefits of an annuity. They guarantee rates based on averages and based on what they decide to charge for insurance premiums and deposits.

Do I Have Access to the Money in an Annuity?

Yes! You can have access to the money in an annuity. However, you should know that the IRS will take a 10% withdrawal penalty if you withdraw from an annuity before the age of 59.5. Most insurance companies taking care of your annuity for you will also charge a 7% fee on your withdrawal if you withdraw within the first year. Usually they will drop the rate by about 1% per year after that until it gets to zero.

How are Annuities Given Favorable Tax Treatment?

The profits from annuities are tax-deferred. This means you don’t pay taxes until you’re ready to live off of the income or withdraw it. That’s why annuities are perfect for people who are maxing out their retirement contributions and want another outlet as a means of letting interest accrued without having to pay income tax every year. The downside of this is that you face penalties for withdrawing early and of course the insurance company you are working with will want to make a profit too.

Should You Invest with DCF Annuities?

The ideal customer for an annuity is always a person who is retired or just on the cusp of retirement who doesn’t want to be stuck in a buy-and-hold pattern of mutual fund investments. Many of the readers checking out this review probably want to hedge their bets and put some money into precious metals, digital currency, and other types of alternative assets as a way of hedging against the broader market downturn. By the way, that last part is a real possibility given what’s currently going on with the coronavirus and the fact that governments all around the world are printing money and offering businesses and individuals stimulus packages as a way to help them get by.

DCF Annuities deals with hundreds of agents across America dedicated to getting you the best deal possible on your annuity investments. If you’re on the cusp of retirement are currently enjoying retirement, you should definitely consider DCF Annuities your top option.

DCF Income Payments work perfectly for the investor who wants to maintain some sort of anonymity or privacy. Maybe you retired in a foreign country, or maybe you just don’t trust the American government with your assets. Whatever drives you, Sophisticated Investor definitely recommends DCF.

Working with the organization as a perfect way to guarantee yourself some tax-deferred interest gains without having to participate in the losses. Sure, every annuity you explore is going to promise you that opportunity, but nobody doesn’t like DCF Annuities.

DCF Annuities Review
DCF Annuities Review - by, April 1, 2011
5/ 5stars
DCF Annuities Review
  • Editor Rating
  • Spectacular
Review Summary :

DCF Annuities has been in business since 2016. It's a subsidiary DCF Exchange and headed by founder Nathanial Pulsifer. DCF Annuties offers all kinds of investment products for both pre-retirees, those currently retired and investors looking to leave their wealth behind to family members. Find out of DCF annuities is right for you.

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