Daniel Lubetzky: Net Worth, Full Bio & Investor Profile

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Daniel Lubetzky is a social entrepreneur known for being the founder and Executive Chairman of Kind LLC, a healthy snack food company. He’s also a highly accomplished nonprofit founder, having created Feed the Truth, PeaceWorks Inc., the OneVoice Movement, the Lubetzky Family Foundation, and several others—each of which is dedicated to a particular social cause. 

Given Mr. Lubetzky’s prolific history of social entrepreneurship and not-for-profit leadership, many often wonder: What is Daniel Lubetzky’s net worth? After appearing as a guest shark in seasons 11 and 12 of ABC’s Shark Tank, Mr. Lubetzky’s public profile has risen dramatically, and inquiries into his net worth have increased in equal measure. 

To find out what Daniel Lubetzky’s net worth is, we researched every publicly available source of information on Mr. Lubetzky’s fortune. For this article, we looked at every public record of Mr. Lubetzky’s assets and liabilities in order to provide the closest possible estimate of the celebrity entrepreneur’s net worth. 

Daniel Lubetzky

Date of Birth1968 (Date Unknown)
TitleBusinessman, Philanthropist, Investor, Lawyer, Author, Executive Chairman, Television Personality
Companies FoundedKind LLC, PeaceWorks Inc., Maiyet, Equilibra, OneVoice Movement, KIND Foundation, Feed the Truth
Best Known ForExecutive Chairman of Kind LLC, global philanthropic initiatives, guest panelist on ABC's "Shark Tank"
Net Worth (USD)US$ 2.2 billion

What Is Daniel Lubetzky’s Net Worth?

Our best estimate pegs Daniel Lubetzky’s net worth at approximately US$ 2.2 billion. Note that this is a rough figure that is subject to change based on the fluctuating values of his assets. Nonetheless, we can safely assert that Mr. Lubetzky’s true net worth ranges somewhere in the ballpark of $2-2.4 billion. 

The most reliable document for ascertaining Mr. Lubetzky’s personal wealth is his Forbes List entry which updates daily with real-time data. As of October 2021, Mr. Lubetzky ranks #1517 on the Forbes list of billionaires, which puts him within the top 2,000 wealthiest individuals in the world.

Based on other published records of Mr. Lubetzky’s wealth, there is strong evidence that the entrepreneur’s fortune has increased considerably in recent months and years. In March 2021, the publication Cinemaholic listed Lubetzky’s net worth at $1.5 billion. An earlier report, from October 2020, before the sale of his snack foods company to Mars Inc., indicates that his net worth was $1.3 billion, about 41% lower than it is today. 

Daniel Lubetzky Biography

Daniel Lubetzky was born in 1968 in Mexico City, Mexico, where he was raised. He was born to a relatively upper-class family, as his father was a prominent businessman in the warehousing and exporting sectors whose operations were based in Texas. Daniel went on to graduate magna cum laude from Trinity University and, later, Stanford Law School in 1993. 

After a brief stint working in corporate law and researching legislative efforts to effect peace in the Israel-Palestine region, he founded PeaceWorks Inc. in 1994. Branded as a “not only for profit” company, PeaceWorks primarily specializes in selling jarred foods and confitures, but also carries brands founded through Israeli-Arab cooperation.

In 2003, Mr. Lubetzky started the venture that made him a billionaire when he founded Kind LLC. During his business travels, Mr. Lubetzky noticed a lack of available healthy snacking options, which was his primary motivation for founding Kind LLC. 

Mr. Lubetzky went on to found several other ventures in the 2010s decade, including Maiyet (socially-conscious luxury fashion), Feed the Truth (public health advocacy), and Equilibra (wealth management family office). Due to his successes, he was appointed Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship by President Barack Obama in 2015. Additionally, he was invited to join the cast of ABC’s hit series Shark Tank as a guest shark.

How Did Daniel Lubetzky Build His Wealth?

The lion’s share of Mr. Lubetzky’s wealth derives from the success of Kind LLC, his popular snack food brand that was purchased by Mars in 2020. Lubetzky owned a large stake in the company prior to the reported $5 billion acquisition. Previously, Lubetzky worked as a corporate lawyer and later founded PeaceWorks, which built the foundation of his fortune. 

Daniel Lubetzky employs a resilient investing strategy that attests to his determination and will to succeed despite facing hardship. Per a MoneyInc report, Mr. Lubetzky lost $1 million overnight due to one of PeaceWorks’ key clients withdrawing from their partnership. At the time, this represented a large portion of Lubetzky’s fortune. Within one year of this loss, an even greater one occurred—Mr. Lubetzky’s father tragically passed away.

Where less resilient entrepreneurs might have given up or hit a breaking point, Mr. Lubetzky carried on and doubled down on his strategy. For over a decade and a half, Lubetzky worked tirelessly to grow Kind LLC into a globally distributed brand and one of the best-selling snack food brands in North America. 

In November 2020, Mars Inc. bought an ownership stake in Kind LLC for a reported $5 billion. As a result, Mr. Lubetzky’s net worth skyrocketed to its current value. Today, the Kind LLC founder retains a minority stake in the company and is actively involved in its management in order to ensure the firm carries out its original mission to effect positive change in the world. 

How Is Daniel Lubetzky’s Net Worth Calculated?

According to the website HollywoodMask, Kind LLC is conservatively appraised at $2.9 billion. This appraisal provides the basis of Mr. Lubetzky’s net worth, since he maintains a large ownership stake in the company to this day. The rest of his personal wealth is calculated largely by his other assets, such as his primary residence in New York City.

In a sense, Mr. Lubetzky’s precise net worth is something of a black box. Since he is the founder of privately-held companies, he is not obligated by federal securities law to disclose his company’s financial data. Therefore, the exact value of his companies (and, by extension, his own personal wealth) is not public knowledge and therefore unprovable.

Mr. Lubetzky is also a man of many side ventures. In 2015, he authored the New York Times bestselling nonfiction book Do the KIND Thing: Think Boundlessly, Work Purposefully, Live Passionately. In addition, he manages Equilibra, a family wealth management office in New York, and Maiyet, an haute couture fashion retailer that partners with developing economies. 

Who Else Invests Like Daniel Lubetzky?

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Want to Invest Like Daniel Lubetzky?

Although Daniel Lubetzky’s moral principles are clear, his investing principles are more opaque. Mr. Lubetzky hasn’t publicly commented on his personal investing strategy, nor the kinds of assets in which he invests. 

However, what is clear is that Mr. Lubetzky built his wealth by taking risks and foreseeing trends in the market before others. After all, Mr. Lubetzky was the first to notice that the global snack foods market was lacking in healthy, sustainable options before he founded Kind LLC. Much of Mr. Lubetzky’s fortune is owed to his talent for spotting market trends early on. 

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