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The big name in Do It Yourself Crypto IRA’s is Broad Financial. This firm does not attempt to be the everything to everyone full service operation that BitcionIRA and Regal Wallet do. Instead, they give you the ability to have hands on control over the entire process personally. They pride themselves in being a significant leader in every type of Self Directed IRA.

The firm’s history of allowing for what others call alternative asset classes dates back two decades. They started in this direction in 2004 when they became established as a company focusing on private real estate investments. Their early portfolio featured retail, industrial, and residential real estate properties found on the country’s East Coast.

The Global Financial Crisis in 2009 forced the company to rethink its strategy. Their clients had lost as much as 40 percent of IRA and 401 account values in the blood bath. This was because they had focused client investments into traditional asset classes including mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. Broad Financial chose to help their customers regain control over the dented IRA accounts. They established a new focus on helping people to get away from the traditional Wall Street investments to concentrate on alternative asset classes with promise for the future.

This was the month when they upgraded their traditional IRA’s to become self directed types. Their Ultimate Self Directed IRA and Solo 401(k) programs were born. They crafted their ultimate app to deliver dexterity, asset selections, and speed for getting in and out of the various IRA asset class choices.

This app is called Checkbook Control. Investment choices include real estate, private businesses, cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, precious metals, and most other kinds of alternative asset classes. Through Checkbook Control, they do away with transaction and asset fees. Instead, they asses a flat rate charge that provides for their expenses of administration and storage. They keep costs low by getting rid of middlemen like custodians so that you can invest directly in your selected asset classes.

Self Directed IRAs remain their specialty today. Their services and products have been positively featured on all of the various media outlets displayed here. Broad Financial refers to themselves as the industry leader for general Self Directed IRA’s.

Broad Financial Management Team

Broad Financial is more forthcoming than many of their Crytpocurrency IRA rivals when it comes to revealing the management personnel who are running their company. The primary three are the partners who started the firm. We look at them in more detail next.

Brian Finkelstein, Partner

Finkelstein brought 25 years of financial market work experience to Broad Financial. He served in capacities of President and Chief Executive Officer at a Cantor Fitzgerald subsidiary. This had him overseeing system and sales to important large financial institutions. Before this, he worked as the Managing Director for Global Financial Operations for UBS of Switzerland.

Mervyn Klein, Partner

Klein spent much of his early career developing financially responsible business models. In this role, he served in a variety of posts at companies. As a founding principal at Hudson Development LLC, he assisted in developing important commercial projects such as the Anheuser-Busch New York Distribution Facility and the Prada North American Distribution Center.

Klein specializes in efficiently structuring operations and putting together platforms that are highly usable and technologically cutting-edged. He has put these skills to good use at Broad Financial in developing trading platforms that allowed the group to gain the most coveted consumer ratings for the Self Directed IRA industry.

Daniel Gleich, Partner

Gleich began his career as an entrepreneur in high school by registering his company DPG. Creditline was his first business venture under this company name. They helped consumers with damaged credit to repair it and to open new credit accounts.

After graduating from college, Gleich served as Managing Director for R. B. Miller & Associates. Among the major clients of this real estate group while he helped to lead it were the Museum of Modern Art and the McKesson Corporation. In 1997, he and Klein founded Hudson Development, LLC together. The pair have had a major role in raising Broad Financial up from being an early day disruptor to its leading position among the top three firms of the Self Directed IRA industry it holds today.

Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA Opening Process

Broad Financial boasts of its highly trained sales reps who are especially helpful in establishing your new Self Directed IRA account as quickly as possible. They talk about their process of having eliminated custodians as middlemen. The company handles the functions of custodian directly. It gives credibility to their claims to be the “easy choice for self direction” for their clients.

Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA’s Bitcoin Storage

With any cryptocurrency account, storage is a key issue that you can not overlook. Broad Financial is not as transparent as we would like to see with specifics for how they store your digital assets in their Ultimate Bitcoin IRA. They promise that all of this information will be given to you when you talk in detail with their customer service reps or request a package from their website. It is a weakness of clarity on important details from one of the big three operators in this Self Directed IRA industry.

Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA Company Products

One characteristic that sets Broad Financial apart from their primary competitors is that they allow you to invest in all of the cryptocurrencies along with any other assets. They promise that you have the same level of control as if you were operating a traditional bank account. This means that they give more than just the broadest possible choice for digital assets.

They also allow you to buy other alternative assets such as private business stock shares, private loans, tax liens, gold and precious metals, and real estate. For investors looking for maximum choice and individual control over their IRA investments, this impressive level of functionality and flexibility is hard to dispute.

Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA Reviews, Ratings and Complaints

Here is a list of the reviews and complaints that you will find on trusted reporting sites & rating agencies. There are links provided which will let you read the reviews in more detail.

  • BCA Rating: AAA (details)
  • BCA Complaints: 0 Complaints (details)
  • BBB Rating: A+ (details)
  • BBB Complaints: 2 Complaints (details)
  • Complaint Board: None Listed
  • Yelp: 3.5 (3.5/5) based on 3 reviews (details)
  • TrustLink: Not listed
  • Yellow Pages:  Profile (details)
  • CitySearch: (5.0/5) based on 1 review (details)
  • Google+: Profile (details)
  • TrustPilot: (4.0/5) based on 1 review (details)
  • Facebook:  (4.8 / 5) based on 5 reviews (details)

Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA does not have quite as impressive a batch of ratings as Regal Asset – Regal Wallet, though they are not far behind Regal.

Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA Contact Information

Key Pages from Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA’s Website

Here are the most important pages from Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA’s website. You can read this information to better understand the company.

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