Bill Gurley: Net Worth, Companies, Full Bio & Investor Profile

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American venture capitalist Bill Gurley knows what ingredients are needed for a tech start-up to explode into an incredibly successful company. Over his career, Gurley has invested in some of the biggest firms in the tech industry. In fact, in a Wall Street Journal profile, the publication deemed him “one of Silicon Valley’s top dealmakers”. Furthermore, Gurley has appeared numerous times on Forbes’ Midas List, most recently being given the #24 position as the planet’s best venture capitalist. 

As a general partner at venture capitalist firm Benchmark, Gurley has invested in Glassdoor, Zillow, GrubHub, Vessel, Sailthru, Brighter, DogVacay, and Uber. With regards to Uber, Gurley famously invested $11 million in the ride-share company in 2011 – the rest is history.  

Taking into account his extraordinary track record as a venture capitalist, for ages people have speculated on Gurley’s net worth. Consequently, we here at Sophisticated Investor decided to answer the question, “What is Bill Gurley‘s net worth?”. Thus, we assembled all publicly available information on Gurley to find the answer.

However, it is essential to remember that these figures are estimations, and are not necessarily conclusive. Yet, we did source all of the publicly available assessments so this likely represents a probable range of his fortune.

Bill Gurley

Date of BirthMay 10, 1966
TitleVenture capitalist
Companies FoundedN/A
Best Known ForConsidered one of the best tech investors on Earth
Net Worth (USD)$ 8 billion

What Is Bill Gurley’s Net Worth?

By all estimations, Bill Gurley has a net worth of approximately $8 billion. Since first joining Benchmark in 1999, Gurley has made numerous investments in some very successful tech companies. Likewise, he is widely considered to be one of the most successful venture capitalists in the world.

Bill Gurley Biography

Bill Gurley was born on May 10, 1966, in Dickenson, Texas. He acquired a science degree from the University of Florida, and an MBA from the University of Texas McCombs School of Business. After college, Gurley worked as a design engineer for Compaq Computers. Additionally, he also worked as a prominent research analyst on Wall Street for four years prior to his career as a venture capitalist.

In 1999, Gurley joined Benchmark, eventually becoming a general partner of the firm. By far, his most notable deal at the firm was the $11 million investment he made in Uber in 2011. Other companies that Gurley has invested in include Glassdoor, Zillow, GrubHub, Vessel, Sailthru, Brighter, DogVacay, 

In 2022, Forbes listed Gurley as #24 on its annual Midas List of the most successful venture capitalists in the world. He consistently appears on the aforementioned list of top investors in tech.

How Did Bill Gurley Build His Wealth?

Basically, Bill Gurley has accumulated his staggering wealth by utilizing his phenomenal acumen as a venture capitalist, particularly within the tech industry. As referenced by Forbes in a recent profile of Gurley, his most notable deal was the $11 million investment in Uber. Moreover, he invested in several other tech start-ups that have had acquisitions.

How Is Bill Gurley’s Net-Worth Calculated?

 Bill Gurley’s net worth is calculated as assets subtracted by his liabilities. He has exhibited an excellent track record of investing in tech companies that would go on to become successful. In fact, Gurley was awarded the TechCrunch VC of the Year award in 2016.

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Want to Invest Like Bill Gurley?

Possessing a net worth like that of Bill Gurley’s isn’t a likelihood for the average investor. However, that does not mean that you can’t adopt a sound investment strategy that will assist in growing your wealth. 

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