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The best options trading courses provide a wealth of invaluable information and money-making insights that may take years to learn by yourself. The people behind the best options trading courses are experts in their fields with many years of experience and with proven win rates of often 60% or higher. Their knowledge passed down to you can make all the difference in the success of your options trading strategy.

Let’s have a look at what factors make up the best options trading course. Then, we’ll analyze our top three options trading courses we’ve tested and verified as legitimate value-added products. Remember, options trading isn’t easy and there are so many factors that need to be taken into account.

Best Options Trading Courses Guidelines

The first aspect you should consider when choosing the best options trading course is whether the course has all the elements you need. Do the features and benefits of the course fulfill your requirements?

Are the formats available to access the course the ones you are most comfortable with? Some courses only offer one way to learn. For example, through replayable videos. Others may have a live online format via webinars or possibly written articles and infographics. Find the one that best fits your learning style.

Another aspect is the history of the options trading company. Have they been around at least several years? The longer they have been offering their services, the more likely they are doing a good job. In the world of options trading, this means their options course is reliable and their signal services efficient.


Rockwell Trading supplies one of the oldest options trading courses in the industry. The company was founded in 2005, by Markus Heitkoetter. The company first started as an options picking service and then branched out into options trading courses. 

best options trading courses rockwell


Rockwell Trading has split its services into several packages so you can pick and choose which ones fit your needs best. Their services include:

  • The Wheel Options Strategy Book
  • The PowerX Optimizer (Flagship)
  • The PowerX Strategy
  • Rockwell Freedom Mastermind
  • Theta Kings
  • “The Complete Guide to Day Trading” eBook
  • Options Trading Newsletter


Rockwell Trading can send you most of its educational material for free. If you want the hard copy of the book “The Wheel Options Trading” all you pay is shipping and handling. The services it does charge are the stock picking and trading services.

Their options trading course will get you up to speed with all you need to know about options. From the basic call and put strategies to the terminology and knowledge needed to navigate options trading.

After that, you can sign-up for their trading services, stock picking, trade setup, and trader mentoring are their flagship services. Rockwell Trading also offers one-on-one personal coaching programs for retail traders looking to become as profitable as possible.

(Note: Want to get started with Rockwell Trading today? Sign up for free using this exclusive discount link to get access to their free “Options 101” trading course.)

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Bullish Bears was founded in 2016, which means it also passes the test of longevity. As of writing the company has 14,785 followers on Facebook and over 91,600 subscribers on YouTube. It also has a perfect score from customer ratings on Google Reviews with a 5 out of 5.

bullish bears options trading courses

This company provides its options trading courses for free. What they do charge is a membership fee for access to their trade setups and price forecasts. Their courses cover basic and advanced options as well as day trading amongst others.

  • The membership fee also gives you access to:
  • Trade signals and alerts
  • Live streaming on trades
  • Real-time teaching
  • Trading video library
  • Custom Discord
  • Watch lists

Membership services cost $47 per month with a 7-day free trial or $372.75 per year, which equals a 25% discount on the monthly price.

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  • Google: Customer Rating 5 out of 5 stars From 44 Reviews
  • Facebook: 12,944 Likes and 14,785 followers


Simpler trading has been in the industry for four years, which we feel is the minimum, but enough to get on our list. The company offers various options trading courses and day trading courses on stocks, forex, and ETFs.

simpler trading best options trading course

The options courses range in price from $397 to $697. Some of the courses they offer include:

  • Bulletproof Butterflies
  • Options Scalping Secrets
  • Strike Zone Strategy
  • Options Freedom Formula Basic
  • Unbalanced Butterflies
  • Ultimate spread Strategy
  • Simpler Calendars

The courses are not intended for complete beginners. As you can imagine from the titles, a considerable amount of knowledge is needed of options and strategies before undertaking any of these. 

More services are available in their subscription packages. For 7$ you get a 7-day trial of all their membership features. You can then choose between a monthly membership at $247 per month or a quarterly plan at $679 per quarter.

With the membership subscription, you get access to a live trading chatroom, where you can meet other traders and get answers to your trading questions. You also get trade alerts and daily videos. 

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This is our list of the top three trading courses and the profiles of the companies behind them. All of the best options trading courses are offered by companies that also sell their services for trade alerts and stock picking.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that some companies offer their educational content for free. They do so as they are confident that what you will learn will get you trading under their guide. The real value for many of these companies is in their trader coaching and trade signals businesses.

From what we have been able to establish so far, the overall winner of the list is Rockwell Trading. This company has been in the business longer than any of the other companies we screened, and it’s been proven to generate great results for traders of all stripes.

Longevity is proof of their capabilities and the accuracy of their trading guides. Their educational material is straight to the point and written in everyday language. You can study their Wheel Options Trading Strategy with no previous options experience, and we are sure you will find extremely useful information.

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