Jane Fraser: Net Worth, Companies, Full Bio & Investor Profile

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British-American CEO and businesswoman Jane Fraser knows a thing or two about phenomenal accomplishments, including shattering the proverbial “glass ceiling”. As CEO of Citigroup, Fraser is the first female Chief Executive Officer in the firm’s history. Moreover, she’s also the first woman to run any major bank on Wall Street

In 2004, Fraser was hired by Citigroup as Head of Client Strategy. By 2007, she was promoted to Global Head of Strategy and Mergers and Acquisitions. Fraser held this position in the throes of the Global Financial Crisis and was tasked with shepherding the firm through the storm, which she managed with aplomb. In February 2021, Citigroup announced that Fraser would assume the position of Chief Executive Officer of the firm.

Today, Jane Fraser is considered one of the most powerful women in the banking world. In both 2014 and 2015, Fortune included Fraser in its annual list of the “Most Powerful Women in Business” – holding the positions of #48 and #41, respectively. In addition, Forbes included Fraser in its 2021 list of The World’s Most Powerful Women at #14. 

Taking into account the phenomenal growth of Citigroup since Fraser has been part of the executive team, not to mention her ascension through the banking world, for years people have speculated about the actual net worth of the CEO. Therefore, we here at Sophisticated Investor endeavored to answer the question, “What is Jane Fraser’s net worth?” To answer this question, we assembled all the publicly available information, and have provided estimations of her actual net worth.

Jane Fraser

Date of BirthJuly 13, 1967
TitleChief Executive Officer
Companies FoundedN/A
Best Known ForThe first woman to lead a major American bank
Net Worth (USD)$50 million to $70 million

What Is Jane Fraser’s Net Worth?

Based on the research, Jane Fraser has a net worth of approximately $50 million to $ 70 million. In a recent Wall Street Journal profile, it was reported that Fraser would be compensated $22.5 million alone for her first year as the CEO of Citigroup. 

Additionally, Citigroup’s annual SEC proxy statement released in 2021 revealed that in 2020, Jane Fraser made $16,710,724 in total compensation

Jane Fraser Biography

Jane Fraser was born on July 13, 1967, in St. Andrews, Scotland. She received a BA in economics from Cambridge University and her MBA from Harvard Business School. After college, Fraser was hired at Goldman Sachs, London as a mergers and acquisitions analyst – a position she held for two years. 

After receiving her MBA in 1994, Fraser worked in the global strategy and financial services at McKinsey. Eventually, she was elevated to the position of partner. In total, Fraser spent a decade at McKinsey where she held several positions.

In 2004, Fraser joined Citigroup as Head of Client Strategy. Three years later, she was promoted to Global Head of Strategy and Mergers and Acquisitions, shepherding Citigroup through the Global Financial Crisis. Over the subsequent years, Fraser ascended the ranks of the firm until her eventual promotion to Chief Executive Officer in 2021. 

In 2014 and 2015, Fortune included Fraser in its annual “Most Powerful Women in Business”  list. She was deemed #48 and #41, respectively. In addition, Forbes included Fraser in its 2021 list of The World’s Most Powerful Women at #14. 

How Did Jane Fraser Build Her Wealth?

Jane Fraser accumulated her wealth mainly via her positions held at Citigroup. According to sources, she owns at least 109,665 units of Citigroup stock.

Additionally, given her position as a partner of the global think tank, McKinsey, Fraser would have consistently received annual eight-figure compensation packages.

How Is Jane Fraser’s Net-Worth Calculated?

In essence, Jane Fraser’s net worth is calculated with assets subtracted by her liabilities. For several years she has collected height-figure annual compensation from the various corporate positions she has held on Wall Street.

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Want to Invest Like Jane Fraser?

Having a net worth similar to that of Jane Fraser, may not be a reality for the average investor. Yet, despite not having investment capital similar to Fraser’s, savvy investors can still adopt an aggressive investment strategy of portfolio diversification.

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