Investfly Review: Can Investfly Elevate Your Online Trading?

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Although relatively unknown in the world of stock screeners and trading software, Investfly is one of the industry's best kept secrets. Whether you're a novice trader or an advanced investor, there's a lot to gain from a Premium Investfly subscription. If you've ever wondered how you can simulate a trading or investment portfolio, and then replicate those gains with real money accounts, look no further than Investfly. 

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  • Ability to create versatile automated trade functions
  • Capable of linking account to real world brokerages to implement automated trading strategies
  • Follow fellow traders, exchange messages and strategies, and participate in community forums and games
  • Responsive support team available via phone and email 7 days per week


  • Some trades will inevitably result in financial losses (Trade at your own risk!)
  • Somewhat steep learning curve
  • Participating brokerages currently limited to TD Ameritrade and Tradier Brokerage
Quick Facts about Investfly
Overall Rating:
Year Founded:2014
Company Headquarters:Mountain View, CA
Reviewed By:Adam Hamadiya
Published On:August 26, 2022
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Investfly was created in 2014 as a cloud-based stock strategy platform that provides market data and investment tools for investors of all levels. At its core, Investfly does one thing exceptionally well: automating trades in a way that takes advantage of the versatile and volatile conditions of markets. 

If an online trading platform has the ability to go where the markets can, then landing opportunities—or avoiding pitfalls—becomes easier with each layer of sophistication that you are able to incorporate in your trades. 

Our Investfly review looked at whether the platform can truly elevate your online trading. Read on to find out what Investfly can do for your portfolio. 

(If you’ve already made up your mind and want to dive in with a free trial, use our discounted sign-up link available here.)

Investfly Automated Strategy Platform 

Investfly offers its users the ability to create an automated strategy for their portfolio. The idea behind it is to set the conditions for a trade so that when they are met the trade is automatically exercised without any further action from the user. 

By setting a strategy using Investfly, you can test it on a virtual portfolio to first see how your strategy operates in the market. After you have viewed the results—which you receive from real time market feeds—you can then choose to deploy the strategy on your real portfolio by linking your brokerage account from either TD Ameritrade or Tradier Brokerage.  

The automated strategy function is not only useful on a practical level, but it also satisfies an area that many traders may overlook: actually having a strategy for trades. The platform creates the incentives to get strategic about investments in two ways: firstly, by explaining certain strategies to you, and secondly, by organizing the inputs needed in a guided fashion. 

A Closer Look

Let’s assume that you wanted to implement a simple moving average (SMA) crossover strategy. This strategy is used to determine trends in the market by using both a short moving average and a long one. 

If the short moving average crosses over the longer one, then the direction of the market is changing in the long term. By gauging the direction of markets you can set entry and exit points for trades.

Through simply navigating to the strategies menu you can see how the platform is organized for traders. You can also see how Investfly offers strategies that are already created, and this creates the momentum for its users to begin strategizing on their trades. 

Screenshot of the Investfly dashboard

By selecting and modifying the strategy, you are given the ability to create your own strategy by  inputting the following in a step by step fashion: 

  • Strategy Details: Input the name and description of your strategy and determine whether it is public or private. 
  • General Setting: Choose security type and position (long or short).
  • Open Trade Trigger: Set conditions that narrow down the stocks that you want traded.
  • Open Trigger Conditions: Set triggers for conditions, thereby determining when those trades happen. 
  • Trade Trigger Restrictions: Restrict time of triggers if needed.
  • Order Type: Determine type and duration of orders (limit orders, good till canceled).
  • Trade Cash Allocation: Determine how to allocate funds from your portfolio toward trades.
  • Close Trade Trigger: Specify exit conditions for your trades. These are particularly useful as trading risk management tools. 
  • Trade Trigger Restrictions: Ability to specify that certain stocks be omitted from the close trade triggers. 
  • Close Position Order Types: Determine close position type and duration. 


Trade Triggers and Trigger Conditions  

Investfly’s automation platform is made even more sophisticated by the flexibility you have in specifying triggers and conditions for trades. Open trade triggers allow you to narrow down stocks in the market that you want to trade, and open trigger conditions automatically execute those trades once those triggers are met. 

For example, assume that after creating a virtual portfolio you narrow down your search through easily creating two conditions that filter for stocks between a market capitalization of ten and one hundred billion. 

Screenshot of the Investfly dashboard

Afterwards, you create the condition where the trade is triggered when the SMA crosses over with the long average by 1%. 

Screenshot of the Investfly dashboard

After the strategy has been created, you then use the backtest function to view the results on your virtual portfolio and determine whether you want to use it on your real portfolio. 

Screenshot of the Investfly dashboard

Screening Stocks

The Investfly platform allows for a great amount of mathematical functions and operators when creating strategies. Essentially, they are designed to allow for the creation of complex queries that serve to give you an edge in positioning your trades in the markets—as we have seen above—or for screening potential stocks. 

Screenshot of the Investfly dashboard

The Investfly trading platform provides explanations for more complex queries, much like it does with automatic trading strategies. This again creates the incentives for you to start getting creative with your trades. 

The following image displays the results yielded from a screener that was suggested to me by the platform. Take note of the query, and the resulting stocks it offered me.  

Screenshot of the Investfly dashboard

The screener was meant to search for all of the companies that overperformed another in the last twenty days. After I easily adjusted it for Apple (APPL), the engine gave me all of the companies that had overperformed Apple in the last twenty days.

Although complicated at first, I quickly got the hang of the platform by simply following the prompts and suggestions given. Before long, I was able to pinpoint trades that worked in a virtual environment which I later replicated in my real money portfolio. 

Sound like something you want to test out yourself? Use our sign-up link here to get started with a risk-free trial. 

Can Investfly Enhance Your Risk Management Capabilities? 

Trading risk management tools are used to curb losses. These are tools that all traders should take advantage of if they are to operate with resiliency in the markets, and this is doubly true when markets are volatile. To get a clearer understanding of why, consider the following question: Would you want to hold a stock position if you feared that you would lose money? 

When news of the Covid-19 pandemic first hit, a considerable number of people sold their stock positions in a very short amount of time, and both these factors contributed to what would quickly become a volatile market. The way that the markets function shows that every trader has some degree of loss aversion, and the markets loss aversion as a whole is what creates this volatility

However, if you have a platform that offers you trading risk management tools, then you have some level of assurance that you won’t lose more money than you have to. This assurance is absolutely necessary to have, because if markets are largely influenced by people’s reactions, then it can become very difficult to predict the extent to which they can fluctuate.

Investfly has pre-loaded risk management tools that any user can apply to their trading strategy, namely:

  • Stop losses 
  • Take profits 
  • Trading sizes 


Screenshot of the Investfly dashboard

You aren’t restricted to the tools listed above. By creating a custom condition, you can develop more sophisticated methods of trading risk management tools to create safer conditions for your trades. 

For example, the following picture shows the expression that you would create if you wanted to sell a stock from your portfolio if its price dropped for 3 consecutive days. 

Screenshot of the Investfly dashboard

While the pre-loaded risk management tools offer you safety assurance, the ability to create your own functions allows you to define safety assurances on your own terms. 

Will Investfly Help In Solidifying Your Trading Strategy?

You have already seen how Investfly allows you to test the results of a strategy before implementing it on your real portfolio. In retrospect, you can mimic your brokerage portfolio in its entirety and use the tools given by the platform to determine whether your trading strategy is solid or not. 

Screenshot of the Investfly dashboard

Investfly’s stock alert feature is another great perk of this trading platform. This feature alerts you when the conditions for your triggers have been met, thereby allowing you to manually implement the strategy to a portfolio.

Screenshot of the Investfly dashboard

Creating stock alerts work in much the same way as creating strategies. You create expressions for the conditions that you want. The alerts put you in more control of your trades because if you are unsure about a strategy you will be alerted only when the conditions are met. Afterwards, you have the ability to manually deploy it and capitalize on the market conditions.

Is Investfly Legit?

After using the program, there is little doubt that Investfly offers tools that can give investors an edge. The versatility of the functions that you can create to establish conditions, triggers, screens, and alerts goes as far as your creativity will take you. 

The platform also creates the propensity in traders to get more strategic with their trades by successfully functioning as an automated trading strategy platform. 

While Investfly can elevate your online trading, it is also the case that the learning curve for creating the expressions that can make this possible are also elevated. It may take time to understand the full extent of the platform, but you may have heard the phrase before: it’s better to have something and not need it than to need something and not have it. 

Investfly Pricing 

Investfly has a standard, premium, and elite package that it offers to traders. The differences between the three are outlined in the table below. 

Standard Premium Elite 
1 Virtual Portfolio 5 Virtual Portfolios 10 Virtual Portfolios 
1 Stock Alert5 Stock Alerts 10 Stock Alerts 
1 Stock Screener5 Stock Screeners10 Stock Screeners 
Stocks, ETFStock, ETF, Option, Future

Unlimited Trigger Trade Orders

Run Automated Trading Strategy 

Stock, ETF, Option, Future 

Unlimited Trigger Trade Orders

Run Automated Trading Strategy 

Backtest Trading Strategy Backtest Trading Strategy


Create and host games Create and host games
Connect live broker account 

Want to See if Investfly Can Elevate Your Trades? Start HERE

Investfly is still in its infancy, but the program shows a lot of promise. The layers of sophistication that you are able to organize for your trades can be very beneficial if you are an investor who is seeking out a platform that provides you with a competitive edge. 

If one thing is true about investing, it’s that you can’t go in blind. To win, you need a strategy, and developing winning strategies is something that every trader is capable of doing. If you apply yourself in gaining a better understanding of fundamental and technical stock indicators, then this can be a surefire way to help you create winning strategies for your portfolio.

If you are interested in a software solution that provides you with deep insights from technical data, I recommend you read up on Rockwells PowerX Optimizer solution to see how it can further propel your capabilities in creating innovative trading strategies, especially when coupled with Investfly’s trading strategy platform. 

And If you have already conceived of a strategy that you would like to test on your portfolio, or you simply want to be given the tools that make it possible for you to start doing so, then try Investfly’s Elite plan for 30-day risk free, and see for yourself all that the platform has to offer.