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It’s time to review Cornerstone Bullion! The company is run by one man. That’s CEO Chad Roach. He founded the company in 2010. Cornerstone Bullion is one of the few companies that operates head office outside of California and the beautiful state of Colorado.

That’s just one of the points of difference that separates Cornerstone Bullion from other precious metals IRA companies. What else is there? Glad you asked.

Cornerstone Bullion offers segregated storage opportunities with three different depositories. That means customers are just limited to the state of Delaware. That’s a bonus. They are also not limited to storing their precious metals in America. Customers can also store their investment in Canada, the Cayman Islands and Switzerland. This is something few if any other IRA providers offer to their client base.

Cornerstone Bullion does have some work to do in terms of managing its online reputation, but all the customer reviews we found are positive even if there aren’t a lot of them. Positivity is what matters when making a big decision to invest in alternative assets and planning for one’s retirement. We can all agree on that.

Check out the review charts above and below this post to get a summary of the positives and negatives of working with Cornerstone Bullion. Feel free to consider this review along with the other precious metals providers we have researched, including Advantage Gold, American Bullion and others.

Always remember to make the best decision for yourself! At least by reading this you will be informed!

The Founder and Management Team at Cornerstone Bullion

Chad Roach is the founder of Cornerstone Bullion.

Chad Roach, CEO, Cornerstone Bullion

He has experience in a variety of different verticals, not just precious metals. Roach is also a proud venture capitalist, he’s worked on businesses related to prepaid credit and also worked on building companies in the insurance world. It’s clear based on his resume that Roach has a penchant for all things finance. He also understands that investors looking into precious metals are looking to keep value away from market manipulation and underhanded tactics by governments and central banks. Roach also invests in real estate.

Cornerstone Bullion Pricing and Fees

Cornerstone Bullion does something different when it comes to pricing and fees that no other precious metals IRA company in America does. The company charges its fees based on dynamic pricing. People only pay based on what they own and how often they transact. The company’s website promotes this pretty bluntly and its marketing copy and offers no exact figures for how clients are charged.

Depending on your point of view, that can be a good thing or a bad thing. Most people want to know everything upfront, but those just starting on their journey toward saving for retirement may benefit greatly from dynamic pricing. It’s anybody’s guess from customer to customer what dynamic pricing entails.

The one thing that Cornerstone Bullion does say on the website is that investors bringing more than $10,000 in new business to the company benefit from lower rates and better pricing. But again, who knows what that means.

Based on a lack of clarity online and the fact that most people probably want to know the fees upfront, even if Cornerstone Bullion’s pricing and fees are competitive, we can’t give the company the top spot in comparison to other precious metals IRA companies we are reviewing like Goldco, Regal Assets or American Bullion.

Cornerstone Bullion Storage Information

What Cornerstone Bullion lacks in terms of being transparent with pricing and fees online, it gains in terms of the possibilities related to storage. The company offers not one, not two, but three different depositories as options for investors to store their precious metals. Not only that, but Cornerstone Bullion is willing to store precious metals internationally in places like Switzerland, Canada and the Cayman Islands. Based on these factors, if we were only ranking precious metals IRA companies based on storage capabilities, we might have to rank Cornerstone Bullion number one. Since we are ranking the company by many other categories, we can’t.

Needless to say however that with this many storage options, it’s obvious that investors can have their precious metals segregated away from that of other customers if they choose to. Of course all of this can be had as long as investors are willing to pay the associated fees. What those fees are should be considered anybody’s guess.

Cornerstone Bullion Customer Reviews

Cornerstone Bullion has positive reviews on many different websites. One of our favourite places to look as the Better Business Bureau website. The company gets an A+ rating there for having their business properly registered and having their information up to date. That said, there are no actual comments or positive ratings there. Just the A+ for getting their basic details right on their Better Business Bureau profile.

In order to find actual ratings and comments, TrustLink might actually be a better bet. The company has three customer reviews there all rating of five out of five stars. Positive reviews on the site speak to knowledgeable customer service and great pricing.

Apart from that, Cornerstone Bullion lists one positive five star review on Yelp, and 45 star reviews on its Google business profile.

If Cornerstone Bullion does have one saving grace, is the fact that the company has 40 5 star reviews on a different platform, Gold Deal Reviews.

Cornerstone Bullion isn’t the only company to have a slim presence online as far as reputation management is concerned, but we still left to give the company credit for having perfect reviews on the platforms that have collected at least some customer feedback.

Cornerstone Bullion’s List of Assets

Cornerstone Bullion offers both bullion and numismatic collector’s coins to investors. The phrase numismatic refers to the fact that apart from the actual value of the raw precious metal, there is some scarcity value built-in and some value built-in for the fact that coins are sent to investors in mint condition.

Cornerstone Bullion does not offer cryptocurrency, real estate or securities investing to clients. They only sell precious metals, just like most other competitors in the industry.

One thing to note here is that bullion not come in the form of platinum and palladium. Only gold and silver is available in bars, everything else is sold in the form of a coin. IRA providers like Regal Assets not only provide other options for investing, they have other options related to precious metals specifically.

That’s something to consider for every investor looking to take a deep dive into this area of alternative assets. Cornerstone Bullion is offering is high in quality, but small in quantity and diversity.

Cornerstone Bullion: Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions people have about Cornerstone Bullion. This is far from a comprehensive list, but if you’re giving serious consideration to choosing Cornerstone Bullion over competitors, it should really help give you clarity.


What is Cornerstone Bullion?

Cornerstone Bullion was founded in 2010 by Chad Roach. It’s a company dedicated to helping investors retire early using precious metals as the vehicle. Cornerstone Bullion’s head office is located in Castle rock, Colorado.

Can I Store Cornerstone Bullion Products at Home?

Cornerstone Bullion does not offer home storage options in terms of giving you an actual safe to store your precious metals in, but they will indeed ship it to you. They also offer international storage options in places like Canada, Switzerland and the Cayman Islands.

Are Cornerstone Bullion Coins Graded and Certified?

Yes! Cornerstone Bullion does grade and certify all precious metals to ensure quality and authenticity.

What is Cornerstone Bullion’s Minimum Investment Amount?

Cornerstone Bullion’s minimum order requirement for precious metals is $1,500 USD just to get started. That’s a lower minimum requirement that all of the other precious metals IRA companies reviewed here at Sophisticated Investor.

Verdict: Is Cornerstone Bullion the Right Precious Metals IRA Company for you?

Cornerstone Bullion has some work to do in terms of managing its online reputation in collecting more reviews from customers. Having said that, where the organization does have reviews, it seems to score pretty well among customers with that raving positive reviews about service and a knowledgeable approach ranking is the most positive and common compliments the company receives. The fact that it does have a plethora of reviews on at least one gold specific website is a big plus. Call it Cornerstone Bullion’s saving grace.

Just based on that sentiment it’s clear that investors understand how much CEO Chad Roach and his staff really care about helping Americans with their retirement options using alternative assets as a way to grow their portfolio.

On the downside, Cornerstone Bullion doesn’t offer as many options for purchasing platinum and palladium in different forms. There is no option to buy bars.

What we really don’t like is the fact that a proper fee and pricing structure is not available on the company’s website. Every other organization we are reviewing offers customers at least some kind of friend facing chart with prices on it. The main upside to Cornerstone Bullion being discreet about the pricing is the fact that they charge individuals based on some sort of dynamic method. We don’t know what that method is but every positive comment that relates to pricing suggests that the company is more than generous with how they approach applying fees to accounts.

Overall however, Cornerstone Bullion is still one of the top IRA precious metals companies out there. They’ve demonstrated they care about their clients and you wouldn’t be wrong to choose them for your investing needs.

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Review Summary :

Cornerstrone Bullion offers gold, silver, palladium and platinum to IRA investors. The company has been in business since 2008 and earns solid reviews on multiple platforms, albeit not in a large quantity. The company specializes in IRA approved numismatic coins with the American Gold Eagle and Gold Maple Leaf. Cornerstone Bullion offers multiple custodianship options.

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